Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Start

I always say around January 1st that I want the new year to be easier, and more simple, and generally less stressful. Did I tell ya'll that I am prego with baby #3? So much for less stressful.

We moved into a home that has a full unfinished basement. Currently, the girls share a room and the other bedroom is used for a playroom. That room will be the nursery for the child which is due to arrive May 25th. In order for that to become a nursery, all the toys in there, (the ridiculous number of toys) must be moved to the basement. In order for that to happen, the basement needs needed to be cleaned. All of our shit from the old house was is down there, scattered about in piles of boxes that used to make sense. And THAT my friends, is what we did last weekend. While I spent six hours running errands in the snow on Saturday, Workaholic spent six hours reorganizing the basement. Making piles of trash and piles and piles and piles and piles of boxes for me to go through. He had already built a storage units worth of shelving down there, so many of the things that he knew did not need to be gone through were already organized neatly on the shelves.

On Sunday, I spent another good six hours either standing or sitting on the floor going through boxes and repacking boxes and making more boxes of things to be taken to the Salvation Army. Workaholic spent another 2-3 hours putting his OCD to rest and moving things around some more. And at the end of the day, we have a space that is ready for a gazillion toys and currently has enough room for the girls to ride bikes. My new favorite phrase is going to be, "Go play in the basement."

Once we get the toys to the basement we can move the furniture that the girls are currently using in their bedroom to the nursery, since that was its original intended use. Then we can paint and set up the beds and dresser I got for the girls and OMG...we will have a place for all the children to sleep!! There is still the matter of the five boxes in my room that need to be unpacked and pictures that need to be hung and the Christmas tree needs to come down (yes it was real and yes it is now dead) and newborn shit to be unpacked and washed and probably there are things that I need to buy. BUT THE BASEMENT IS CLEAN.

Let's all sing the praises to my ridiculously hard working husband. And also to the show Chuck, which has been playing in my house for two days now and keeps his brain busy enough to not go crazy in the silence but not too busy to keep him from working. 

And January isn't even over yet!!!!  

PS No, we are not finding out the sex of baby numero tres.

PPS Yes, we have noticed that it is due on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Yes, I do hope/plan to go into labor a tad early so as not to ruin anyone's (Workaholic's) weekend. 

PPPS I am kidding about ruining the weekend. Sort of.