Who Lives in this Blog

This is me. (No, I don't know who the guy in the background is. But I like this picture so there he is.)
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 This is my husband, affectionately known as Workaholic. Because he works a lot. We got married July 2006, but have been together since early 1998. That is a long time. I think we like each other. As you can see, he's a pretty hands-on, kick-ass dad.

I'd like you to meet our two oldest daughters, Charlotte and Samantha. We call them Sam and Charlie. They are 7 and almost 9. Sam takes after Matt and Charlie takes after me. I am jealous of Sam's tenacity and also jealous of the world that Charlie lives in. 

This. Is Penelope. Aka Penny. She is 3 and a half. She knows what she wants. She knows when she wants it. Which is now. She has the best laugh I have ever heard come out of anyone's mouth, ever. It is also the loudest. She is happy and lights up every room she enters. Unless she is pissed. In which case...just leave the room.

And this is the baby. Henry. He turned one on September 9th. Did you know that is the most popular day of the year to give birth? He is so chill...until he doesn't get what he wants, then he is no longer chill. He is also sneaky. Silent like a fox...kid goes missing multiple times a day, and I'll be in the same room as him.

This is Kabo, aka The Fonz. He was my first baby. He would have been 18 in September, but he passed away from kidney failure on May 5, 2014; 3 weeks before Penelope was born. I still cry talking about it. He is the reason I started this blog and why it is called what it is. He really was kind of perfect in every way.

 Meet Kale, my Flat Coat Retriever "puppy". He was born February 6, 2011 in Wisconsin. That was the same day that the Packers won the Super Bowl. He isn't perfect in every way, but he loves me. And everyone else. But especially me. And Henry. Because he gives him food.

This is our cat, Astrid. Funny story about Astrid. When I was pregnant with Henry Matt just knew we were going to have another girl. He was so sure of it that he promised Charlie she could get a girl cat if we had a boy, and a boy cat if we had a girl. He just knew that we would not be getting a new cat because Charlie only wanted a girl cat. We now have Astrid. (She is named after the kick-ass girl Viking in the "How To Train Your Dragon" movies.

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