Who Lives in this Blog

*This section was written in late 2013*

This is me.

 This is my husband, affectionately known as Workaholic. Because he works a lot. We got married July 2006, but have been together since early 1998. That is a long time. I think we like each other.

I'd like you to meet our oldest daughter, Samantha. We call her Sam. She will be 5 in January. She talks, a lot. She loves babies, both live ones and the doll kind. She is smart and asks all kinds of questions that I don't know how to answer. She just really loves life. And I think this is her sorority head shot.

This is our second daughter, Charlotte. We call her Charlie. She turned three in August, which means that she was born on Friday the 13th. She is stubborn. She can be whiny. She is joyous and reckless and fearless...an interesting combination.

This is Kabo, aka The Fonz. He was my first baby. He was 14 in September. He really is kind of perfect in every way. He is pretty much deaf now, and has decided that all the rules he followed for the first 13 years can be thrown out the window. But he is still perfect. 
Update: Sadly, Kabo passed away from kidney failure on May 5, 2014.

 Meet Kale, my Flat Coat Retriever "puppy". He was born February 6, 2011 in Wisconsin. That was the same day that the Packers won the Super Bowl. He isn't perfect in every way, but he loves me. And everyone else. But especially me. And Charlie. Because she gives him food.

This is our cat, Sampson. Workaholic HATED cats, until Sam fell in love with them. All of the sudden we had a cat. He is more of a dog/cat, and pretty kick ass. We love him. Even when he pukes up a headless mouse on my kitchen floor, or disappears for weeks at a time.

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