Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day on the Lake

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and it was a total coincidence that Samantha went on her first boat ride!!

It was a long getting ready process, as Workaholic and his brother had lots of tampering to do with the pier and the lift for the orange reject boat. By the time we got out on the lake, it was past 7pm. But it wasn’t too terribly cold, and the wind had died down a bit from earlier…to be honest, it was probably almost the nicest part of the whole day. We cruised around, the 5 of us, (of course we took Buster and the Fonz…couldn’t leave them stranded on the shore!) and checked out the changes that have taken place over the winter. Mostly I noticed how the trees were just getting a little bit greener, and how Samantha truly enjoyed admiring herself in the review mirror. (I think she likes her shades, thanks Grandma!) She’ll make an excellent spotter come surfing time. (That way no one can claim that we were out after an hour after sunset with no spotter. Take that BJ!)
You can't really tell here...but she is driving. She's got her hand on the throttle...

Really hoping Mother Nature cooperates in less than 2 weeks and gives us a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. We’re ready for summer!!

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