Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sugar and Spice and not so Nice

Folks, I am not kidding when I say that if I die of a heart attack in my 30s, Purdue football/basketball is to blame. Why can’t they just blow teams out?? Why must they win/lose in the last 5 seconds of a game??? At least the men beat out Tennessee last night in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Because I really don’t like Tennessee. Now on to a completely unrelated topic.

Some people, (and by some people I mean the girls that I work with…you know I love you!), have mentioned that perhaps Samantha needs to start wearing a helmet. All the time. Because she tends to hit her head. A lot. When she first started moving around, and by this, I mean rolling over, she fell off the bed. Twice. In one weekend. On my watch. Oops-y. She got over it pretty quickly.

And a few weeks ago, she decided that she wanted to go down the stairs. The problem with that is that she has yet to learn how to go down the stairs without going head over heels and then whacking her head at the bottom. This was NOT on my watch. Then over the weekend she whacked her head on the wall, simply because she lost focus and fell over. (I am sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the previously mentioned falls) The other night she fell forward and hit her face on a cardboard box, which apparently hurts a lot worse than it looks. And yesterday morning she fell off the bed again. (this time it wasn't my fault, I swear!)

The reason why I mention this is because she has taken her first steps! She took one little one last Friday, and then right after that, she took two more. And true to our nature, we began pushing her to try again, and true to her nature, she got pissed off and sat down and cried. Workaholic had her all yesterday afternoon and he said that he saw her take two tiny steps. Maybe the hitting of the head has knocked some sense into her, as she is quite careful about letting go of one thing until she can almost reach another. But we are super-proud and excited/sad that our little girl is growing up.

That is my happy news. And here is where I rant. Because COMCAST-you are on my list. Actually, you are on SANTA’S naughty list. Because you suck!! Here is my story in a nutshell. (a really super-duper, large nutshell) I decide to switch from AT&T phone to Comcast phone to save money. I call, and the customer service person was SO NICE and SO HELPFUL. We set up an appointment to switch the phone, take away a DVR, and give me 2 cable cards. Which I need for my TiVo. And yes, I am switching back to TiVo because COMCAST DVR SUCKS. So they know that I hate their DVR and want to switch to TiVo. And they know that I need, from them, 2 cable cards, in order for my TiVo to work. (as in, the TiVo won't work without them) And you know what they did? They sent out a guy to switch my phone and take away my DVR without giving me the cable cards! And he couldn’t just switch the phone, because he couldn’t do just a partial work order. (I spoke to a very nice customer service again who confirmed that the cable cards were on the work order, the guy just forgot them or something. What-ever) So away he was sent. We didn’t allow him to touch anything, because he couldn’t do the whole job.

If you know anything about me, you don’t fuck with my TV. (sorry for the language mom) But seriously, don’t. fuck. with my TV. I was calm about it though, and set up another appointment. Because my TV was not affected. And Workaholic was here for the second appointment, and the guy called to say he was coming, and Workaholic asked him if he had 2 cable cards. The answer? No. Hmm. Workaholic told him not to even bother coming. But they guy confirmed that he could easily switch the phone without affecting anything else, and he did that and set up another appointment for the cable cards. (keep in mind that these are 2 little things that easily slide into the TV and there is no need for the cable man to actually BE HERE) Any-hoo…I go to turn on the men’s basketball game last night, and guess what didn’t work? MY DVR. That’s right, Comcast fucked with my TV.

What. The. Hell. Not cool Comcast, not cool. I know you don’t want me to go back to TiVo, but if you had a quality product, we wouldn’t have this problem. And I am pretty sure that it is against the law for you to sabotage me like this. So give me my G-DAMN cable cards!!!

There…I feel better. Everyone knows this, but it is just a warning out there for everyone. Comcast customer service sucks. They are nice on the phone, but the follow through leaves much to be desired. Don’t worry folks, I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and I fully intend to get something for free for the minimum of two unnecessary appointments and additional hassle. I have already paid for my TiVo service, a service I can’t use until Comcast holds up their end of the bargain. And this isn’t even the end of the story. I’ll let you know next week if they finally get something right. And if they don’t?? I will not be Mrs. Nice Girl anymore. The O’Connor in me will come out. And I promise you, it won’t be pretty.

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Amen!!! I hate comcast!!