Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sampson, Roger and Felix. And Kabo.

Workaholic decided that it was time for Sampson and Felix to become friends.

So he locked them on the back porch together. (it is screened in)

And you know what? It was OK.

So Felix has been settling in nicely. He will randomly walk around meowing, like he is bored and isn't sure what to do. Or he is lost and doesn't know where anyone is.

There are 2 disturbing things about Felix.

1) We've been calling him Roger. It sort of fits. So I now use his name interchangably. It is OK, because he really doesn't know either of them. Not sure why.

2) Roger is a night owl. Last night he woke me up at midnight by bolting off of our bed and out of the bedroom. I was OK with that until I heard him sliding across the hardwood floor. And then the meowing started.

Felix likes to go outside. I am not particularly thrilled about this, seeing as how I am sure my neighbors are really not wanting 2 black cats wandering the street. (Especially with Halloween coming up. I have a feeling my house is going to be the most popular on the block.) The thing about Felix going outside is that he comes back, like...regularly. He checks back in, as if to say, "Hey, remember me? You chopped my balls off?? Where is the food?"  I am not really used to this, as Sampson will often be gone all day. But it is nice, not having to wonder. (notice I didn't say worry)

Let's recap...
Felix is now Roger. Sometimes.
Roger likes to go outside. And meow when he is confused.
Sampson did not kill Felix, and Kale is learning not to try to kill either of them.

Kabo is 12 today. Happy birthday old man.

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