Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Depression Isn't Fair

Last week went fantastic.

Closets were cleaned, rooms were cleared, bookshelves emptied.

Dr. Nadene came up for one day and my mom stayed three. They were both incredible. We stopped to eat, but not much else. Now there are just boxes that need to be carried and a painter that needs to come and do his thing.

After three days of organizing, I spent the long weekend at the lake in the sunshine and happiness.

And now I am coming off of the feeling of being on vacation and I just want to hide.

Crawl in bed, snuggle my green frog pillow pet, and take a nap.

My body aches. It could have something to do with the sunburn I sustained on Sunday, but I don't think that is all.

I spent a lot of time with my girls, but I yelled at them and didn't play *enough*. Cue the mommy guilt.

I'm exhausted. I hate feeling this way.

I had hoped packing would take the weight off my shoulders. Instead, I feel heavier than ever.

I know this summer is going to fly by, I just hope that at some point I am able to stop and enjoy it.


Pamela Gold said...

I hate depression. It's an asshole. The only thing I can offer you is hope. We both know it won't last, hopefully too long, and you'll be yourself again soon.

Lakejunkies said...

Gail just a though and will see how it works for me first I'll be the first to try it but next week I go see a bioidentical specialist all natural made just for you what going on with that person only not like the all in one pills everyone gets.Will see how it goes but they say it works for not only hormones but for depression to.Hope you feel better you need some HAPPY PILLS.LOL