Monday, December 28, 2009

The Blue Blanket

Every little kid has their comfort object. I don't exactly remember what mine was, probably a variety of stuffed animals. Sam's is her pink blanket, it is fleece on one side and silky on the other. We have four of them.

As adults, I've realized that we have our comfort objects too. I love my Little Pillow, which was given to me as a gift as a not-so-little pillow when I was in middle school. It is just big enough now to fit in the crook of my arm when I sleep. One of my friends has a teddy bear. She won't travel with him, in case she gets into a car crash she doesn't want him to burn up. And Workaholic has his Blue Blanket.

The Blue Blanket was the comforter that his parents bought for him when he moved away to college. It's a full-size comforter, so it just covers our king-sized bed from corner to corner. No hanging over the sides here! We have tried NOT sleeping with the Blue Blanket, but it just isn't the same.

I have to admit, when I first met Workaholic and he told me about the Blue Blanket, I was skeptical. I mean, yeah, I like my comforter too, but just how great was this thing? (In case you were wondering, YES, it was after we were married that I got to use the Blue Blanket for the first time. OK, maybe not.) And for a while, after I started using it, I was annoyed because it is ONLY a full-sized blanket. And I like me some room when I sleep. (translation: don't touch me) I even forced Workaholic to use a completely different comforter for the first 3 years we were in our house. The shock! The horror!!

But over the years, I have come to appreciate the power and wonderfulness of the Blue Blanket. It just wraps around you like a cocoon and is just heavy enough and not too warm. It has this delighful not-at-all gross smell, even after you wash it. Fonz loves it too. Here is a picture of him with both the Blue Blanket and my Little Pillow.

The past couple of nights, I've been in bed first, which is unusual. And I wrap myself up in the Blue Blanket, fully expecting Workaholic to steal his part when he comes to bed. But for some reason, he has conceded it to me. He uses the comforter which actually fits on our bed, allowing me full and maximum usage of said Blue Blanket. And I have had a couple of great nights sleep.

I think he has come to realize his Blue Blanket is greater than him. Meaning, he has to share. He was OK with sharing with Sam when she was very little, I love this picture of them cuddling together when she was only a few weeks old. (and yes, I am aware of the SIDS risk, and I was right there the whole time, and after I took the picture, I moved her to her crib.)

I am a little worried that soon, I'll have to start sharing the Blue Blanket. At least we have no doubt she is our daughter...


Pamela said...

Love Love Love the photo of her with her blanket and yours!!! I so want my baby boy to have his own "blue blanket" but he has yet to find one he loves....

Gail said...

I just tried looking for the one at Target that Sam has. It is silky on one side and fleece with raised dots on the other? It wasn't online, but maybe they would still have it in the store. We just always handed her that one, and I guess it grew on her:)

alison said...

Adorable picture of Sam! How cute! Will has a little fleece/silk blanket too, he calls it his night night! When I was young I had one called "sheety". I left it at my grandma's house one day and she thought I was way too old for a "blankie" and she threw it away.