Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a New Year?

I always have a little trouble converting to a new year. Sure, sure, I was there at midnight when we were all, "Happy New Year!" and kissed and shit. But it doesn't really mean much to me until I go to write a check and then I'm like, "Holy crap...where did 2010 go?!" This is the year I am NOT going to have a baby!

I'm also not really into resolutions. Mainly because I am not much of a goal person, I may make them, but don't usually achieve them. So what is the point of making them if you are just going to break them? Ann Curry on the Today Show though made what seemed like a really simple resolution...wake up every morning with a thought of thanks. Basically, be grateful for what ya got. It is now January 4th, and I have failed so far on this one. But I've decided to keep trying. And if I don't do it in the morning, maybe at night. When I'm a bit more coherant. Instead of thinking, "WHY??? WHY DO I HAVE TO GET OUT OF BED...EVER???"

I think resolutions can be a great idea...like my friend Pamela is doing a Couch to 5K thing. Which would be cool, except I hate running. Or exercising. And the only time I have to exercise (other than right at this moment) is when I would normally be sleeping. And that, my friends, just isn't going to happen. But it would be pretty cool for me to be able to say that I ran a 5K. My dad used to do them all the time, and I know at least one of my sisters has done them. But her thighs are smaller than mine.

Another resolution that I would make if I believed in them is to blog more. Especially about my kids. I'd like to try to make this place a diary of sorts for remembering stuff that I forget. Like right now, Sam has a three inch tall, plastic Elmo figurine, and she has wrapped a little piece of cloth around it, is holding it to her shoulder and going, "Shh, shh, shhhh"...she is putting Elmo to sleep. And then she ran out of the room, into Charlie's room, and back into our room screaming, "Mommy! Charlie awake!!" When I tell her to go tell daddy, she runs around to the other side of the bed and screams, "Daddy!! Charlie awake!!" And when he pretends to be asleep, she starts yelling his name instead of daddy. Which is just so. friggin'. cute. Another thing that is cute? Charlie is wearing an outfit right now that Sam was walking in. (3-6 month jeans and a Purdue T-shirt) Charlie is big for her age, and Sam is little.

So those are my resolutions. Consider the Couch to 5K program. Blog more. And be thankful. What are your resolutions?


Pamela said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning me! Also, even if you hate to run the feeling you get when you're finished. It's such a rush. Try it!

paige said...

I'm with you..I don't make them because I won't keep them. But I'm pretty good about doing good things all year so I'll let myself slide on resolutions.

She is cute, by the way!