Saturday, January 8, 2011


My Dear Sam,

It has been two whole years since I gave birth to you. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't seem like yesterday.But there are things that I won't ever forget.

I can clearly remember seeing that you were a girl (and announcing it to everyone in the room), and I can picture your daddy working on his cell phone while I was in labor (this would be AFTER my epidural, but before you were born.). I remember your grandmas coming into the room to meet you and crying, and watching as daddy called Papa O because he was in Florida and telling him you were a red-headed little girl. And I can still see your uncles standing over you in your car seat in the living room on your first day home. They just towered over you!

Your first night home was rough, but apparently you were just cold. And then daddy said that you were being "irrational" a few days later when you wouldn't stop screaming. We took lots of pictures, because that was all we could do. That, and laugh. You looked really cute when you screamed.

At 7 1/2 weeks, you started sleeping through the night, and haven't stopped since. Grandma didn't like that we put you in a straightjacket to sleep, but worked!

I took the first of what became many pictures of you with beer. Lately, your favorite thing has been to ask K what she is drinking. And you go through the list...Milk? Water? Juice? Beer?

Everyone fell in love with you. You charmed the pants off of anyone who looked into your big beautiful eyes, with your super long eyelashes. There was the night that you were "A baby, in a bar!" You entertained an entire table of adults by playing "Soo big!" with them for a half hour straight. We took the first of many boat rides, and you finally learned to let the boat rock you to sleep.

The first time we fed you baby food, for some reason I decided peas would be a good start. Daddy kept shoveling it in, and you were making these gagging noises, and gagging faces, and he kept shoveling it in and shoveling it in, and the next thing we knew, you projectile puked all over the place. We laughed some more.

For a while there, you sure liked to give people the bird. Not sure why, but it made us chuckle. You'd get this glint in your eyes, smile a crooked smile, and your timing was impeccable. And the first time we put you in a swimming pool, you loved it, but started crying as soon as I brought out the camera. Go figure.

You are such a good daughter, but you really do know what you want. You already want to pick out your clothes in the morning (always your "meow" shirt) and your pajamas at night. (MOUSE!) And you are smart too! One time, daddy decided not to keep a very close eye on you and you tumbled down the stairs. But you learned pretty quick not to go too near the top! We made you tough, and good thing too, as you wipe out and hit your head almost every day, to this day.

Your super intelligence is evident every. single day. The other day, daddy came out of the bathroom to tell me that you had tried to put in a tampon. He was able to show me exactly how it is done, at least the way I do it. You take such good care of your babies, rocking them, swaddling them, shush-patting them, feeding them, giving them a pacifier...just like how I do with Charlie. Whenever someone sneezes, you are quick to say "Bless you!" You love to "work" on one of our phones or laptops, and to see you wandering around the living room, baby in one hand, bottle in the other, and phone perched on your shoulder as you are jabbering away to whoever it is you talk to would make even the Grinch crack a smile.

Your love your little sister more than just about anything. It is scary how much she looks like you...the world had better watch out when the two of you are on the loose! You are so love to make us laugh. Even when you flat out fall down on your face because you tripped over your feet, you don't look to see if we are smiling. Your smile and your laugh are contagious, it is hard to be upset or sad when you are around. I wish I could better convey just how awesome you are...and how much your daddy and I love you. It has been the best two years of our lives since you were born.

I love you, little girl. Whole bunches and bunches and bunches. Happy Birthday!


me said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! I witnessed the day in the swimming pool and you were happy until your parents wanted to see if you could float! That's what made you mad, not the camera! At least that's what I remember :)

Amber said...

Oh, such a beautiful post! Happy birthday a week (or so) late. It's amazing how fast time flies...

Lakejunkkies said...

Happy B-Day from both of us was in mexico