Monday, January 23, 2012

One Room Down, a House to Go

A few months ago, we decided that our dining room would be put to better use as a playroom for the girls. At the time, our living room was a mess of kid toys and dog toys and we simply walked through it on the way to the kitchen. Both Workaholic and I closed our eyes to the mess, and the kids took over. We were both miserable. If we could have the kids play a few feet from the living room, all their crap didn't have to be underfoot all. the. time., we just might regain our sanity and happiness.

This was a few months ago.

Yesterday I asked Workaholic if we could go to the funnest place on earth The Home Depot to get light bulbs. It seemed as though every single light fixture had at least one bulb burned out. We have track lighting, can lights, ceiling fans with lights, and regular old light fixtures and lamps. We bought probably close to $100 in friggin' light bulbs. But the best part? Workaholic changed them ALL! AND he dusted the light fixtures and ceilings fans while he was up there!!  LET THERE BE LIGHT.

$100 was not our total at The Depot. Our total was much higher, because we bought these fun storage bins! YAY STORAGE BINS! And then we spent the rest of the day putting them together and cleaning the room! YAY ORGANIZATION!

And then Charlie woke up and walked into the room and I started twitching when she began to pull out all the toys and play with them. I had to walk away, and take deep breaths, because the thought of my pretty, pretty playroom being messed up was just a little upsetting. (OK, so maybe I didn't have to walk away, but I did have to take a couple of deep breaths.)

I feel so. much. better. since this room has a chance of looking decent. I have hope for the rest of the house, and the closets, because if we did THIS in less than one day? Imagine what we could do in a weekend?! All it takes is a little pushing from my dear Workaholic, and we just might get our house to something that we deem acceptable. 

What is actually pretty funny about these pictures, is that if I had seen them BEFORE I had kids, I would think, "Wow, how sad that she thinks that this room is CLEAN!"

And yes, there is a very clear mark on the floor where we used to have a rug. I don't recommend getting maple flooring, unless you are OK with pretty white-ish flooring turning yellow after a couple of years. So there!

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