Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day One?

I was raised Catholic, and although my going-to-church record isn't the best, I still consider myself Catholic. Yep, I'm one of those Catholics. And if you didn't know, today was the start of Lent.

Catholics, and other Christians for all I know, are asked to do something extra for Lent. Like...going to church every Sunday if you don't normally, volunteering, or resolving to do something that is good for you. Or there is always the more popular option of giving up something. or sports or the elevator or...Coke.

Lots of people give up pop for Lent.

I decided to become one of those people.

This was the response of my co-workers when I told them.

"I think that is a terrible idea."

"Gail, maybe you should start a little smaller."

"I give you until Friday until you cave and have one."

(OK, maybe no one said that out loud, but I know they all were thinking it.)

Such a supportive group, huh??

Today my goal was to not have a single Coke and to go to church.

Let's just say that my morning didn't start out so hot, and I caved and drank a Coke. FAIL.

While I didn't have another one...YAY FOR ME (considering I normally have three or four), I also didn't go to church. FAIL #2.

And Sam's motto for the day is, "Mom, I am not having a very good day, I don't feel so good." (which just happened to also be my motto for the day) FAIL #3.

I honestly believe that most of my problem is psychological...I really don't like depriving myself of something that I want so badly. It kind of makes me cranky.

Tomorrow is another day. Wish me luck. Any advice?


me said...

I gave up Coke last year. By that I mean that I limited myself to one per day. Everyone at the office COULD NOT WAIT until lent was over. Apparently by depriving myself of my "beer" at work, it was bad for everyone. This year, I decided to save everyone and give up candy.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

I have no words of wisdom. I am incapable of giving up things I really really like. I guess my only advice would be to find something that works when you need the craving. Juice? Gum? Crackers? Does a different kind of soda count?

Good luck!

Amber Page Writes said...

I don't give up anything, so by trying, you're doing better than me! Good luck!