Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's All Pinterest's Fault

OK, so last night I was laying in bed, and had just watched NCIS (hellooo Tony) and Hoarders. (poor, poor people whose families are destroyed by hoarders) I knew it was getting late. I knew that I should turn off the TV and go to sleep. And so I turned off the TV.

And then I started thinking, "Hey, wow, I can get up and take the dogs for a walk in the morning!" And then I thought, "Hey, wow, I can shower after our walk and be all ready for Charlie's 18 month doctor appointment today! Instead of looking like a haggard new mom, I can look presentable!" I did this for about a half hour before going to sleep, after about a half hour on facebook and Twitter (aka Time Suck). 

Speaking of Time Suck, everyone I know is on pinterest. Haven't heard of it? I almost wish I hadn't. Bloggers I follow have been talking about it for a year, and everyone else in the universe has been jumping on the bandwagon in the past couple of months. I suppose it is fantastic, but I think my invite keeps getting lost in the mail. (Had I joined it when all the other bloggers did, then I wouldn't need an invite, but why would I have been proactive and tried something new??) 

I was thinking off of this...and then my alarm went off. And I pushed snooze. Three times. Or five, whatever.

The thing that scares me about Hoarders is that I can relate to some of those crazy ass people more than I would like to admit. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, of thinking that it all is just too much to take care of. Too much to do. It will be too hard. (If I was on pinterest, then I could have a board just for organization, and plan how I am going to stay organized so my hoard doesn't overwhelm me. But you know, I am not.)  

I hear these hoarders getting interviewed about some trauma, and then how they just didn't care, and so they stopped cleaning and picking up and then it became overwhelming and all of the sudden they have rat and cockroach infestations and 18 cats. 

I don't have trauma. Not anything that stands out in my mind anyway.

If the day ever comes when my house is covered in cobwebs and there are dangerous stacks of boxes (that I just need to organize) and there is a weird smell coming from it...let's just blame pinterest OK?

Because either I never got invited or I was too busy pinning to clean. Either way...totally not all my fault. OK?


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