Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just the Four of Us

Back in June, I went to the state (boys) baseball championship game. My cousins were playing in it, and they played against my old high school. They lost, but before we ran back to the hotel to visit with the family some more, my sisters and I managed to gather for this picture. We only get the chance once every couple of years because one of my sisters lives in Germany. As we were posing, the tornado sirens were going off and the lights were being dimmed in the stadium. Basically they were telling us to get the hell out. All I can say is, I may be the youngest, but at least I have the biggest boobs!!!


Pamela said...

This made me laugh!

You posted a comment on my blog the other day and I can't for the life of me, figure out how to reply, either that or Google is annoying today. Anyhow, I wanted to see how you ended up dealing with things yourself? Also, I put up a new post this morning and wanted to get your opinion if you had the time?

Anonymous said...

Ditto... Although I don't really brag about having the biggest boobs, ever! I hate them!!