Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks for the Love

After reading lots of other people’s blogs, I am always amazed at how many comments they get. One of my favorites even wrote a blog about how to increase your readership. Blogging can totally be a popularity contest, but since I wasn’t exactly the popular girl in high school, (although some might say that I sort of hung out with some of them occasionally…but it was a really small school, it would be hard not to hang out with the popular girls at some point or another), I would love to feel the love. And being the lazy one that I am, I took only one of her suggestions and posted about my blog on facebook. And I think I might have gotten a couple of new readers!! YAY!!! The reason why I know this is because they left comments!!!! (or they e-mailed me, which is just as good in my book.) YAY COMMENTS!!

Many women (Do you know how weird it is to call myself a woman??? I am a girl, married to a boy. My mother-in-law is a woman) who blog feel a need to express their creativity, other just like to talk, others want to make new friends. I will honestly say that I started this blog because I would sit at work, with work to do, but not wanting to do it, (because it is boring), and the insanity of my office was just too much, and I wanted to write about it. I wanted to tell. the. world. (at this time, I didn’t yet have Samantha and was a mom only to a Golden Retriever) After about, oh, a day of blogging, I realized that I could quickly get fired if I wrote at all about what happened on a daily basis on the 6th floor. And that would be bad. So I decided to write about, well, whatever I feel. Except for work.

After a year or more of updating this site on a semi-regular basis, I determined that blogging for me IS sort of a creative outlet. (Which is hilarious, considering my mom gave all the artistic genes to my oldest sister and gave the rest of us with the shit left over. Kind of like in that movie Twins with Governor Arnold and Danny DiVito) Making new friends, or re-conneting with old ones, is an awesome side effect. I like to talk, and I like to write, and I like even more when people leave comments about how they like when I write. Makes me feel like the popular girl…because you really can never leave high school behind.


Emily said...

You speak the truth woman. Oh yeah and anyone who gave birth to a human thru the who ha is a woman in my book.

alison said...

Sometimes high school was just too much fun to forget...if you can remember those times!!!!! Gosh that was sooooo long ago. Are we really over thirty??

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Ha! You're so right about the whole "woman" thing. It's weird, I barely feel a day over 15 (except everyday, but whatever.)

Nice job on the linking back, lady. Totally reminds me how badly I need to update those Blog Tip post because they are quite out of date!

Glad you found the information helpful!