Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello from London! Yep, we made it here. And since Workaholic can't sleep, he paid for the internet, so here I am.

American Airlines, I heart you. Seriously, I really, really do. Because for the lowlow price of my one coach seat, I got, well...4. Three in a row so I could almost completely stretch out and take a 3 hour nap, and one to leave my stuff on. That one uncoincidentally was next to Workaholic. AND, AND...I got to watch "Paul Blart-Mall Cop." I mean, really, could a flight get any better?? (he was a little whiny because we didn't have our our individual TVs in the headrest in front of us, but, come on...4 seats???)

I also had some weird dreams about flying and Samantha and other babies on our flight (even though there were none), and Workaholic and a girl that was hitting on him. I woke up more than once during our flight panicking because I didn't know where Sam was. Then I remembered she wasn't supposed to be there and I plopped my head back down on my 2 American Airlines pillows and snuggled back under my American Airlines blanket and went back to sleep.

Allrighty...we really should be getting to bed. Big day of touristy stuff tomorrow!!

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