Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Not My Day

Do you ever have those days where things just don’t sway your way? It seems that the month of October has been that way for me…at least when it comes to doctors. For some reason, a lot of our doctor appointments fall in October. Workaholic and I each go to our general practitioner for a yearly well check, I have my bi-annual dental appointment, and Samantha’s 9 month check-up was this month. It started off bad when the day of Workaholic’s and mine appointment with our GP was cancelled because she was sick. When I called to reschedule, it was 4 weeks before we could get in again. AND, they are now out of the flu shot.

When I booked our trip to London, I seriously considered not going that particular weekend because that was when Sam’s appointment was scheduled. I really want her to get the flu shot. But I figured no biggie, we’d be able to get in and go another time. So I called and it was 2 weeks after the original appointment before we could get in. I wasn’t too thrilled, but I figured there was nothing I could do. So I made it for today. When I got home last Friday, there was a message on our machine asking if we wanted to keep the appointment because many parents were not bringing their well children into the office due to the spread of the flu. I fretted all weekend, and asked many people their opinions, and decided to go. I had made arrangements to go in late to work, and everything was set. And about 15 minutes before I was to leave, my phone rang. It was Sam’s pediatrician’s office, asking to reschedule because her doctor’s son is in the hospital. (I didn’t ask why, figured it was the flu.) However, when I asked if she would be able to get her flu shot when we came in on Friday (the day we rescheduled again), the answer is no, because they ran out. Great. Her doctor does recommend getting the H1N1 vaccine, but I was basically told “good luck getting it.” Our county has it, but hasn’t decided yet on how to disperse it.

So I get to work, and my friend gives me the phone number for the H1N1 vaccine info for our county. I call, and a very nice man took my name and phone number and said that they had 2 consultants working on the list, and they would definitely give me a call back. I gave them my work number, figuring I wouldn’t stray too far from my cubicle and they could always leave a message. A couple of hours later, I told another friend at work that she should call about her son. So she did, and within an hour or so, she had already gotten a call back. I haven’t gotten a call yet! So I fret again, and decide to call back and explain my dilemma. In talking to the nice, but obviously now frazzled man, I ask him if I can give a different phone number. I’d like to give him my cell phone. And so I rattle off some numbers, and after I hang up, I realized that I think I gave him a mixture of my cell and home phones. Are. you. kidding. me. (Apparently, “they” are having a meeting tomorrow to prioritize who will get the doses of the vaccine that they have. I would really like my 9 month old who is in daycare to be on that list.)

Let’s recap. Not one, but two appointments with our GP had to be rescheduled. Had we gone to the original appointments, we’d have been able to get the flu shot. But now, no. Sam’s appointment that I was stupid enough to reschedule, canceled. And had we kept the original, we’d be able to get her the flu shot. And the list that I think I am on for the swine flu vaccine? Probably got knocked off of it due to stupidity.

Fortunately, Workaholic never goes far from his phone. So I convinced him to call and get on “the list”, and hopefully they will call him back, and get his e-mail, and we can at least try to get Samantha from getting too terribly sick this winter. I really really hope that the rest of the month doesn’t continue like this. Two more weeks.

***OH!! And the weekend I decide to SKIP the Purdue game?? They BEAT NUMBER 7 O-H-I-O STATE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

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