Friday, June 10, 2011

June Update

After being gone from blogging for so long, you would think that I am just bottled up with all sorts of things I need to tell you guys. And really, I AM! I just don't remember ANY of them at the current moment. I wish I could narrate a blog while driving, because honestly, that is where I come up with my best shit.

Speaking of shit, that is all I can think about right now. I'm really not one to go into detail about poop, OK well, my poop. (My kids...that is an entirely different story.) But let's just say that I am at work and I had Chipotle for lunch (YUM!) and my colon is reminding me that perhaps that was just not the best idea.

Workaholic and I went to Puerto Rico last month with another couple. And you know what? We had a great time! OK, so we didn't get wasted, and it rained a lot. But we sat on the beach and played in the ocean and went to the rain forest and I ate lobster. And some guy driving past us in a car randomly told us to fuck off. I would totally show you a picture except I put all of them onto my crappy desktop at home and I can't get them off. So there is that.

Kale is doing well. He is very tall and gangly. And I've been taking him to doggie day care once or twice a week. Which is a gift from heaven. Because he runs out to the car afterwards and CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get home and take a nap. Yes! He walks very well on leash (usually) and can sit. He knows what "kennel up" means, and generally has pretty good house manners. And he only has an accident every once in while.

But yeah...I haven't taught him any cool tricks. Which is to say that I haven't taught him any tricks.  By this age, Fonz was a friggin' champ at stay, but poor Kale's training sort of falls to the bottom of my list. That and I feel like unless he picks something up right away, I am a failure at training. Which is total crap. But I keep telling myself that I will do it tomorrow. And I will. I promise. He'll know how to lie down, and stay, and shake, and shake it out, and roll over, and take a bow with the BEST of them. Soon, I promise.

Did you notice that SUMMER IS HERE!!!?? OMG!! It was almost a hundred degrees here this week, but today I don't even think that it is 70. And rain. OMG, the rain. My yard is a forest because the poor grass hasn't been mowed. BUT STILL! Summer is here!!

Since summer is here, my usually busy life has gained momentum and switched into high gear. We spend much of our free time at the cottage, and Workaholic spends more free time than he has renovating our new cottage. We picked out tile last night, so we are SO CLOSE. It will still be the end of July, if we are lucky, before it is done. 

And here is where I get spoiled and whiny...I miss my husband. Yes, he is spending 6 months working his ass off (as are his brother and his dad) in order to give us a kick-ass place to vacation. And it will be awesome. But these have been some of the hardest months of my life. I have a house to take care of, and two kids, and two dogs, and a cat. Plus a full-time job. And I have more help than I care to admit. But all of that can't replace my dear, sweet, wonderful Workaholic.  (can you tell I haven't seen him much??)

There have been times when he has been gone for a week, or more. And it is definitely not unusual for me not to see him for 3-4 days a time. Talking on the phone is hard, because he is so busy, and when he isn't running, he is dead asleep. We've communicated mostly by texting lately. Let me just say that Puerto Rico was a bit of a life saver.

And the girls...oh my, the girls. Charlie is crawling now. Which is awesome since I am not the one responsible for watching her all day. She is going to be the type of kid to see what happens when she sticks her finger in a light socket. Actually, she has already tried. She has not yet fallen down the stairs, but really, just give her time.

Sam is turning into quite the older sister. By that I mean the bossy independent LETMEDOIT older sister. She know knows how to open the door, and last week decided that she wanted to go for a walk. And be damned if she was going to wait for anyone to go with her. I wish I would've taken a picture of her strolling down the sidewalk, away from our house, pushing her miniature pink Graco baby stroller. By herself. Last weekend, on more than one occasion, she decided to go visit the neighbors. So she did. She waltzed right over, and went into the house, and opened the fridge, and demanded orange juice. Then she went into someone's purse and found a piece of gum and their iPhone. Because that is how she rolls.

I know that Sam is just a typical toddler. Perhaps even an "easy" toddler. But for goodness sake. Some days I wish she understood when I say, "Child, when I tell you that you cannot have a juice box, that DOES NOT MEAN go grab a juice box and sneak off into the garage to drink it. And I am sorry that you are afraid of the potty, but in all seriousness, you can CHANGE YOUR OWN DIAPER. Please start pooping on the toilet! It would make all of our lives just a tad bit easier."

I am not bragging, but Sam is super smart. She need only see how something is done once and she can figure it out. She can shower by herself and offers to help me out in the bathroom. (Let's just say that when she "becomes a woman" she will have no problem knowing what to do with a tampon.) She is also quite adept at taking the lid off of her sippy cup. No matter how tight it is screwed on. Normally, this is not a problem. But the other day she went to take a swig of milk that must have been in her bed for a couple of days (yes...I allow my daughter to sleep with a sippy cup of milk, oh the HORROR!) and of course the milk had curdled. So she takes off the lid and pours it out onto her bed. Thanks...I needed to wash the sheets anyway. And after re-reading that story, it occurs to me that maybe she isn't super smart if she tries to drink 2 day old milk.

Charlie is becoming the tough younger sister that she needs to be. She recently fell and whacked her head pretty hard. A couple of days later she fell while crawling and hit her head on the corner of the kitchen cabinet in the exact middle of the goose egg on her forehead. And she didn't even cry. That's my girl. She is a happy little girl, in that awesome stage of becoming her own little person. Kind of like with Kale, we haven't worked with her on all the fun baby tricks you teach your oldest kid. She sort of waves bye-bye, but she doesn't know "so big!" yet. She does have fake coughing down though. And she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. She is only about 4 lbs less than Sam, so I definitely look forward to the day where she takes her big sister DOWN.

I know there is much more I could ramble on and on about. Our new K is working out well, although I do miss my old K. I think that I always will, but at least now I can think about her without tearing up. We haven't Skyped yet, but I hope to figure that out this weekend.

I promise to try to be better about blogging. (If any of you are still out there reading this.) There are lots of rants that I want to post sometimes, but am afraid of hurting someone's feelings. So there is that. Or maybe I'll just stop caring and give ya'll something to talk about.

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me said...

Glad you are back! I use your blog as my break and when there is nothing new that leaves me with a 30 sec break. Just like home! :) :)