Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today is one of those days where I feel like I should blog and brag about all of the holiday cheer we have been spreading around these here parts.

We got this accomplished. Sorry for the crappy picture.

We have wrapped 6 presents. And bought all the rest.

We watched Rudolph...4 times.

We bought cookie mix and cutters to make sugar cookies. Have yet to make them.

We bought a special brownie Christmas box to make present-shaped brownies. Have yet to make them.

The dogs are getting baths as we speak so they don't stink to high heaven for all of our family and friends.

We have a few (17) strands of Christmas lights on our house, that do not match all of our neighbors color-coordinated Christmas lights.

Aaannd...that's it. Every year I say that we are going to enjoy the season, damnit! I WILL become the supermom who makes cookies and fudge and peanut butter balls with my kids. We WILL decorate the tree with awesome Christmas music playing in the background, instead of the movie Elf.

This year I am still deciding if I'm going to attempt the mall tomorrow to take the girls to see Santa. Of all the things we have left to do, that one terrifies me the most.

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emily said...

I always hated going to see Santa. Freaked me out as a kid; such a creepy dude. At any rate, I have been to your mall this time of year and I say you're bat shit crazy if you attempt to go there anytime soon. Don't be an ass clown, stay home and make those sugar cookies, there's always next year. But that's just my opinion.