Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drinking and Daycare

Since the downhill slide that was last week, I've actually had a pretty good few days!

The girls started daycare on Tuesday. When I picked up Sam, she declared that she was NOT ready to leave yet. On her way home after the first day, she also declared that she was NOT going back there ever again.

My worst fear about daycare was getting the girls ready in the morning. I hate mornings, and can't get out of bed to save my life, so having to get up earlier than ever and getting both girls fed, dressed, hair done and teeth brushed and out the door had me in a panic. But you know what? I got up even earlier than I needed to and was so early to drop off Kale at doggie daycare they were going to charge me the early drop-off fee! (Don't worry, I got a one-time pass and I assured them that it will probably never happen again. Me being early, that is.)

The cool thing about daycare is all the neat stuff that they do and learn. Charlie was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", which is a nice change from her usual Barney "I Love You" song. PS...she has never once sat down and watched Barney.

The not cool thing is how Charlie cries when I drop her off and reaches for me and is still sobbing 5 minutes later when I walk past her room again after I drop off Sam.

Sam has had some profound new thoughts as of late, and I would love it if she imparted her wisdom on her new friends at daycare...just so they can say these things to their parents.

"Bummer, mom."

"Shut up isn't a nice thing to say, unless the dogs are barking."

"I do NOT want to go to school! I am TOO LITTLE!"

"But that blanket is my faaa-vorite! I shoulda grabbed it!" (Said about the blanket which is identical to four others she has, but happened to be the one left at school. We have not made the same mistake again.)

"You can't take your clothes off at school...only at home."

"Ugh! Mom! You drive me to drink." (Umm...I have NO IDEA where she learned that phrase.)

Sam and Charlie are really starting to get along just as sisters should. Case in point. My mom called last night to see how daycare has gone that day. She asked to talk to Sam, which I was happy to hand the phone over. Normally, she LOVES talking on the phone, and wanders around the house, and does so on a regular basis, whether or not there is anyone to talk back.

This time though, she has just put a "tray" of "food" into the oven, and didn't close the door. As soon as Charlie saw that Sam was distracted, she bolted for the "food" and proceeded to whip it all across the room in seven different directions. Which caused Sam to LOSE HER SHIT and scream and yell and chase after a manically laughing Charlie, all while holding the phone to her mouth. Workaholic and I laughed and my poor mother had a screaming toddler in her ear.

We are all settling into the routine of daycare and work and whatintheworldarewegoingtoeatfordinner and "when will daddy be home?" I am hoping, no...praying for some drama-free months in which I get a lot accomplished and come out more sane and much happier. Wish us luck!

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