Thursday, April 19, 2012

This Is What They Think

List 7 things your pet thought about today.

I have three pets. And all three have very different days.

Let’s start with Kabo. He’s 12 ½ and very much the old man/alpha male/awesome dog of the house.
1. I don’t want to wake up. Why does it hurt to get up? Can’t Kale just get out of my way? He’s so annoying.
2. Did she feed him before me again? Where is my breakfast? Oh wait…it is there in my bowl. She better not have forgotten my biscuits again. I can’t believe she would ever have the nerve to forget my biscuits.
3. Finally, they have left. I get to sleep. I’m going to go and hide from the little monsters.
4. Zzzzzzz……
6. Wait, what’s going on? Food? Car ride? Walk? Where are we going????
7. I want to go out. Now I want to come in. Now I want to go out. Now it is time to come in and go to bed.

And then there is Kale. He turned one in February and never got over the fact that he was one puppy in a litter of twelve.

3. Where are the little people? Little People=Food.
4. Are we going anywhere? I want to go to daycare! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME???!!??!
5. SAMPSON!! Let’s wrestle!!!!!
7. Snuggle me. Love me. Pet me. I love you.

Last, but never least, Sampson, our black cat. Who is more like a dog than any cat I’ve ever met. Albeit a snobby dog.

1. Streeeetcch…ahhh…that feels good.
2. I want to out outside. Now. I have things to do and houses to visit and patrols to make. Excuse me? This should be your first priority, letting me out.
3. Why hello, small humans at the bus stop. Why don’t you come over here and pet my belly before I climb that tree and you get on the loud, yellow, 4 wheeled contraption to go to “school.”
4. …. (I don’t know what Sampson is thinking here because he is generally gone all day.)
5. Well hello human! I believe you should let me in and give me fresh food in my bowl. I don’t care if there is already food there…I absolutely insist on freshness.
6. Sleep! Glorious, wonderful sleep! How I love this couch, keeps me cool and warm all at the same time.
7. Go away Kale. I warned you. Kale. Kale. Kale! KALE!!!!

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Michelle said...

Our youngest dog is 2 1/2 years, and she still has Kale like puppy thoughts! She keeps the other two dogs young (or annoyed)....