Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two Part Two

Ever since Charlie turned two I have felt as though I should give her a proper Happy Birthday blog. Something she can look back on in 10 years and be suitably mortified over.

Then tonight, I heard a very strange sound in my house. I was cleaning the kitchen. It was a sound I had never heard before, and I thought it was Charlie somehow playing in the water in the sink in their bathroom. How I wish.

I sort of forgot that someone used a tad too much toilet paper last night. As mom, it was my duty to fix the problem of too much toilet paper in too small a hole. But I forgot.

I also forgot that Charlie has this new thing where she likes to sit on the potty. OH YEAH!! How could I forget to tell you?! The other night, again as I was cleaning the kitchen, I heard the pitter-patter of little feet racing down the hallway. Since the hall is open to the living room/kitchen, I was able to look up and see a naked Charlie (yes, she had been wearing clothes and a diaper) go into the bathroom. I went to see what she was doing and she was PEEING ON THE POTTY! ALL BY HERSELF!! She was clearly quite proud and impressed with herself, so I danced and clapped and generally tried to make sure she understood that I liked what she had just done. So hopefully, in a few weeks, she'll have potty trained herself.

Anyway, so I hear this weird sound and look up to see Charlie (dressed) giving me the devil eye from the hall. Hm. That's odd(not really). A few seconds later I decide to go investigate. (I also might have thought it was a good idea to go upstairs when I saw Sam carrying the plunger.)  I was just thrilled to find water all over the bathroom floor. My darling who loves to sit on the potty also loves to flush the potty.

So yeah. Flooded bathroom.

It was in this moment that I am SO grateful that I married not only a handyman who knows how to handle all situations but one who also knows how to do so without losing his mind. (or his temper) He simply grabbed a bunch of towels, sopped up the mess, plunged the toilet, and opened the bathroom back up for business.

I tell you this because of course Charlie was the one to flood the bathroom.

She is also the one who climbs out of her crib before 6am full of joy and happiness. She loves to run...from one end of the house to the other, and then back. She gets the devil eye and grabs Sam's toy/blanket/cup and runs. And she giggles and laughs while her sister chases her screaming and crying. She wants to do everything her big sister does, and she wants to do it NOW. 

Without fail she gets pissed at Fonz in the car on the trip to/from Michigan (for no apparent reason), and then cries when Kale eats the chicken nugget. She has selective hearing...the other night I was sitting 4 feet from her. Trying to get her attention, I said "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie." Then I threw a ball at her. She STILL didn't turn around.

She shocked us all when, at her uncle's wedding ,she walked down the aisle all by herself. And seemed to think nothing of the 200 people staring at her and saying "Aawww."  She continually amazes me with how smart she is. Either pushing a smaller chair over to larger chair so she can climb on the counter, or by putting her own dishes in the sink. It is getting easier and easier to understand her, and boy oh boy. That girl has some things to say!

She sees a camera and frowns. Or puts her hand in her mouth. Or looks away. Which is why there is no picture accompanying this post.

She is mischievous, funny, pretty, ornery, and tonight...she let me rock her to sleep. She is my daughter, and there aren't enough words in all the land to express how great she is. I love her to pieces.

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