Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dreams and stuff

So I’ve been having these really weird, f-d up dreams lately. Some of them are pregnancy related, some are not. Many of them have to do with the end of the world…which probably could be interpreted to me being scared about having a baby. (I mean eeks! I am personally responsible for entertaining this thing for the next 18 years, and along the way, make sure I don’t kill it by letting it eat lead paint and jump off the roof of the house, and at the same time make sure that I am creating a productive member of society.) (and yes, I often do refer to the baby as it…purely out of laziness…it’s a lot easier to say or type “it” than “the baby” over and over) (and since we aren’t going to find out what it is, it’s an it until it’s a him or her…you know, when it’s screaming it’s head off because it doesn’t want to come out) On that note, my friend told me that the baby won’t come out screaming, it’ll come out yelling “FFUUUUUCCK!!!” (guess whose been dropping the f-bomb a lot lately?)

Oftentimes, I’ll wake up in the morning and have to lie in bed trying to decipher my dream. This has caused me to be late for work, oh…every day in the past 3 weeks. Today I was a half hour late. Oops. I’ll also compose my blog in my head at that time, and then promptly forget what ever I was going to type as soon as my feet hit the floor. So instead of you guys getting a genius incredible blog from me at 8am, you get crap at 4pm. Sorry ‘bout that.

So I’ve been reading a new blog lately, and even though this chick totally does NOT need a plug from me, who gets no comments on her blog, (she gets about 500+ a day), I have to link to her. I want to be her…at least take her pictures and get to stay home and blog all day. She makes enough money off of the advertising from her blog that her husband was able to quit his job. Seriously??? (and if you were wondering, no, I don’t have any advertising on my site…mainly because I wouldn’t know how to do it…I don’t have my own personal IT department in my head) Her name is Heather and this is her website…check out her Daily Chuck, which are pictures of her dogs, and her Daily Photo, which are other pictures, that I haven’t really looked at. She’s pretty cool, ya know, for a Mormon. (or ex-Mormon…at least non-practicing Mormon)

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