Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I have pretty much passed off most of my work. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some stuff to do, but umm…not 7 days worth. Or really, even 2 days worth. (Let’s no share that with my boss though, because I don’t need a new “project” right before I go on vacation right before maternity leave.) So that is giving me lots of time to eavesdrop on conversations that go on around me. (not like I don’t do that usually, but now I have nothing else to concentrate on…except this, which I am not doing a very good job at)

Anyway, I usually don’t care much about professional football, but the boys in our office love "Da Bears", and I get to hear about them all. the. time. And the Bears are playing the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. Why do I care? Because of him….

My dear Drew Brees. He not only is a pretty darn good football player, but he gives tons of money to charity too. And he married his college sweetheart, the *&@%$# who kept him occupied so no one else on campus would even have a chance. (and yes, that included me!!) He lived a floor below my high school friend who played with him, and the only chance I got to meet him, he was sitting in a bathing suit in a hottub. And I did not have a bathing suit, and was not about to get into a hottub in my underwear (even though I know that they matched and were cute). So there went my chance to be Drew Brees’ new best friend.

So anyway…GO SAINTS!!!!

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