Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What .The .F*@^.

So my butt has started to feel a bit achy and sore again, but there is no sharp, stabbing pain this time, so I really am not complaining. But, I do find a direct correlation between Lumbergh’s comment, and the following story told to me by a friend of mine about her co-worker, and the start of my butt pain….

"My co-worker just told me that when she built her house (about 4 years ago) and they did the final walk-through she got really upset b/c they put bright pink carpet in her living room. And that wasn’t the carpet she picked and she was soooooooooo upset………because that wasn’t what she picked………so she was really upset…….because she didn’t pick that carpet…….so she was really angry…….because she picked a different carpet…….not that carpet……..so she was really upset. Then her husband told her that wasn’t the carpet – it was the padding."

OK, there are multiple problems with that story…not even beginning with the fact that a married woman in her 30s did not know what carpet padding looked like. Or the fact that they were doing the final walk through without carpet. But why you would ever even admit that happened to you to anyone!!!! Seriously????

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