Friday, December 12, 2008


So Workaholic listens to the radio a lot, because he drives a lot. (sometimes, I think he drives just for the sake of driving, you know, to listen to the radio…because he drives that much) Anyway, he heard on the radio yesterday a story about someone who paid for the following experiment.

A researcher took 2 groups of dogs, and put them on opposite sides of a room. One group, the dogs were taught a trick using treats, and were continued to be given treats every single time they did the trick. The other group, the dogs were taught a trick using treats, and then the treats were abruptly stopped. The first group of dogs continued to do the trick every time they were asked, and the second group of dogs? Here’s the groundbreaking research that someone paid for…they eventually stopped doing the trick…once they realized that they would no longer get a treat.

Can you say NO SHIT??? Has this person ever owned a dog??? Maybe I should start “doing research” with my dog and my friend’s dogs and see how much we can get paid.

The other one that Workaholic found interesting, although again, for me, it was a huge DUH, was that dogs get offended. If you take two dogs, have them sit side-by-side, and have them perform the same trick, and only give one dog a treat, eventually, the second dog will become so offended that he will never perform that trick again. Hell, my dog gets offended if I ask him to get off of the bed. Doesn’t mean he won’t get back on the bed, but when he farts in my face and huffs his way down, I am pretty sure that I have hurt his feelings.

I don’t know who did this incredible research, or why, or why they didn’t just interview any dog owners, or ask to borrow their friend’s dogs, but I thought it was an interesting way to spend some money. Maybe the guy just wanted to play with dogs…in which case, I totally understand.

UPDATE on yesterday’s post: My best friend Drew Brees lost last night, in overtime, by a stupid field goal. Which means that my other Purdue pride-and-joy, Kyle Orton, won last night. What amazed me when watching the game is that it is obvious that Drew just throws the football too damn hard, because no one on his team can catch it, even if it is thrown directly to them. My favorite part of the game though, was afterwards, they showed Drew and Kyle talking, and then there was Joe Tiller!! Don’t get me wrong, I think Joe should have moved to Wyoming a couple of years ago, but all Purdue fans should be proud of where the program was when he got there and where he took it. So…if anyone finds or sees the picture on the internet of Drew and Joe and Kyle that was taken after the game by someone (I saw it being taken on TV) can you pass it on?? It’s got to be a pretty cool picture…and I want one. So thanks!!

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