Saturday, February 14, 2009


Do you ever read those books where someone is telling their story, and they interject all kinds of insights about their faith? One of those books was Let's Roll, by the woman whose husband uttered that now infamous phrase on 9/11. The last one that I read that I really liked was by Kate Gosselin, mother of twins and sextuplets, in her book Multiple Bles8ings. She talked a lot about how unexpected her pregnancy was, (I mean, having six kids at once instead of one or two), and how she got through it. Then, as the reality of having 8 kids under the age of 4 hit her, she learned that God would provide for them when they needed it most.

So most of them time, I read these books, and I wonder if there really is something to it or if it all is just coincidence. I mean, really? You don't know how you are going to make your mortgage, and suddenly a check appears in the mail. Don't get me wrong, I have faith in God and all, but I just don't usually see it in my own life. Even as I look back (because hindsight is 20/20), I can't usually apply instances of faith to events in my past. (which is pretty crazy, b/c my 20s were pretty damn eventful. You would think I would be able to find something!!)

However, I don't know if it's the new mom thing or the hormones, but I finally saw one!! I'd only been getting 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, (and anyone who knows me knows that does not go over well with me) and I didn't have a very good day on Thursday. (let's just say there was a little crying involved) I talked it over with Workaholic and we decided that he would take the middle of the night feeding. (no matter what time it was...usually I do anything before 4) Yay!! But I still wondered in the back of my head if I was starting to lose it.

And then...we watched Private Practice. Did you see it?? There was a new mom on there who had postpartum psychosis. Basically...she tried to hurt her daughter, because she just wanted quiet and a couple of hours of sleep. And she had to be hospitalized and medicated and all that. And man...she was nuts!!! (She didn't stop talking and could hear her daughter cry from across the building and she just did not sleep.) I woke up on Friday morning, after 8 hours of sleep, completely refreshed. I had a great day, and today is going well too.

I can honestly say that episode could not have been timed better. Because if Workaholic had any reservations about taking that 4am feeding, (and staying up until 11 the night before), I am damn sure that episode convinced him that he had to do it. And I am going to go with there is no other explanation for that impeccable timing than God. He knew I needed 8 hours, and he made sure that I got it. Something so little, means so much. Maybe I should start writing my own book!!

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