Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Technically Insane

In my quest to drive myself crazy, I recently joined Facebook. I have this complusion, when I have things like this, to check it constantly. If I don't check my e-mail about, oh...a million times a day, it drives me crazy. There are certain places where I find myself not caring, like...the lake, or my parent's house, or even Southern Indiana (sometimes). When I have pictures on my camera, I have to upload them onto my computer, and then usually onto a photo sharing website. Even if I am not going to do something with them. And this blog?? If I don't post for a while, I feel bad. I know, I know...there are times when you are like...Gail!! It's been 3 weeks!! And to that I say...Yes, I know, and I genuinely feel badly about that. But you'll just have to deal.

In the days and weeks after Samantha was born, this compulsion was driving me nuts. I wanted to get the pictures on the computer, so I could e-mail them. (no...I didn't want to send them directly from the camera, I wanted them to be in their little folder in My Pictures, so I knew where they came from, and that I had them. See???) I just had to send out a text, then an e-mail, when she was born, even though I really just wanted a snack. And a nap. But my nuances are actually not what this post is about.

In joining Facebook, I have been able to re-connect with people from my past. (why, you ask?? If you really wanted to re-connect, you could have, but obviously you don't care that much about these people in the first place right??) (and while there may be something to that theory, we're just going to skip it for now) One of the things that I have noticed is that people who have young kids always post pictures of the young kids. Never of themselves. And people who don't have kids, or pets, always post great-looking pictures of themselves. And you know what?? I am jealous.

Because having a kid has really taken a toll on my looks!! I mean, I've been looking back at pictures to see who Samantha looks like, (and the obvious answer is below), and I used to be pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Now...my hair usually needs to be highlighted, my teeth need to be whitened, and my face is fat. And that's just a headshot. (there are about 2 pictures of me taken while I was in the hosptial, only because I threatened death to anyone with a camera if they pointed it in my direction) I think most people who have kids forego certain things, like caring about their appearance, and just stop taking pictures of themselves. Unless the kids are in the pictures, in which case, everyone looks at the kids, so it doesn't really matter what you look like.

I know, I know, some people out there will object to my theory, and say that they have kids, and they care about their appearance, and will post hot pictures of themselves on Facebook. And to you I say...fine, go ahead. (and you really have kids under the age of 1??) But I say there are many more out there who totally agree with me. And they just use the excuse of posting pictures of the kids, "I want everyone to see what they look like." (but it is really because they don't look like they used to, and don't want the world to see) News flash, most people want to see what you look like.

But the only picture you are going to get of me is my birth annoucement, which my mom found in an old photo album of my grandmother's. She's put my picture and Samantha's newborn picture side-by-side, so everyone knows that she is indeed, my kid.

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