Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He Went to Jared!!

Workaholic hasn't read my blog more than once or twice, and so far his impression is that I just trash him all the time. (which we all know isn't totally true!) That is why I tried to tell everyone how great he was in the labor room, you know, while I was pushing a 6lb. cantaloupe out of my ass. But he really is great, otherwise there is no way that I would have married him! (or put up with him the 8 years before we got married)

So while we were recovering from the trauma to my perineum, he gave me my "Way to have a baby present". I usually am a little reluctant to let him buy me jewelry, but I personally think that he nailed this one. He might just know me!! (I am not a great photographer, so if you can't tell, it's a silver cross with a little diamond in the center. Just perfect.)

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