Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Baaack

Yes folks, it's true, I am finally back. I know ya'll missed me and were terribly worried. If you can't tell, or didn't know, I spent last weekend down in Texas. (I was actually sort of surprised at how many people down there don't have a Texas accent)

The getting to Texas required some effort, mainly because it involved a plane ride, an 11 week old, and a control freak. (Workaholic is only a control freak in traveling situations...I thought for 10 years that it was me who didn't travel well, until I realized that I don't travel well with him)

(Let me give you an example of how getting on the plane goes...drive to airport, get out of car, pull Baby Bjorn out of suitcase for shuttle ride. Get on shuttle. Get to airport, get in line, put coat in suitcase and take out paperwork that was in suitcase. After checking in, put paperwork back in suitcase, then check to make sure you have wallet and phone. Walk to security, stand off to side to make sure you have boarding pass that was just handed to you, get liquids out of carry-on that have to be taken out, get in security line. Realize that you didn't take out everything that needed to be taken out of carry-on, rush to take stuff out, and toss shoes, belt, wallet, and phone in bins. Rearrange bins for easier gathering on the other side. Give yourself twice over to make sure you won't set off metal detector. Go through metal detector. Go through again when you realize that you didn't take out the change in your pocket. Grab wallet and phone first and try to pile everything into arms to walk to benches to put on shoes. Re-pack carry-on. Check for wallet and phone. Check carry-on for boarding passes that you just put in there, take out, and put in back pocket. Check on wife who is now wondering exactly where her phone walked off to. OCD has been contagious, it's in her back pocket, where she put it 30 seconds before. Now situated, head to bathrooms, because wife always has to pee.) I think you can imagine what it is like once we actually get on the plane!!

We were incredibly fortunate that we didn't have to take a stroller or most baby products because our friends in Texas have two little kids and friends with little kids and had the necessary large equipment. All I had to pack was bottles, clothes and pacifiers. (we saw the same family of three on our flight down and back, they actually came up to us and asked how we managed without the stroller and car seat) Workaholic saw to it that there was much more packed though, he's like a friggin' Boy Scout, always prepared for anything. (Except for once we got on the plane, he took off his shoes right away. Experts say that you shouldn't do that in case, you know, you crash on take-off and need your shoes...that is if you don't die first) Here is a picture of Samantha as we were packing, she didn't think it was very funny.

Samantha did really well on her first plane ride. I was really nervous about having a screaming baby. She laid on the floor most of the time, as we were able to get a front seat. I didn't take any pictures on the way there, but on the way home, she was so happy to do it again, she was dancing on the tray table.

On the way home, all three of us actually slept. By the end of the day Monday, poor little Samantha was so sick of traveling. We stopped by Cabela's for Grandpa, (yes, dad, the Goby Alive thingy's are on my kitchen table, and I got hooks and instructions too) stopped by my in-laws to pick up the Fonz (sooo happy to see me) and had dinner at Cracker Barrel. I don't know what it is about traveling, it makes me crave Cracker Barrel.

Moral of the story, traveling with baby isn't all that bad...the jury is still out on traveling with Workaholic.

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me said...

Glad you are back! You could have told us you were leaving so we won't have worried ;)