Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

A friend of mine e-mailed me the other day. She is due in 3 weeks, and was taking her 2 sons to daycare before work, when her oldest asked where they were going. Seems she forgot to pick up the 2 kids she was supposed to pick up...oops! We chalked it up to pregnancy absentmindedness. Because as much as pregnant women hate to admit it, it totally exists...usually in more extreme cases than you would ever think.

Workaholic told me a couple of weeks ago that I am in my "4th trimester". Seems he learned that from a book I bought when I first got pregnant and left in the bathroom...abandoned. (it was actually a journal, I was supposed to write in it every day...yeah, that didn't happen) (side note: as I am typing this, I can hear Samantha screaming her pretty little head off. She is getting a bath, and I chose not to participate tonight. Baths are great, wears them out right before bed. Does that make me a sadist??)

Anyway, so I didn't think much of this 4th trimester thing, until this morning. Well, actually last night. My pediatrician recommends a vitamin supplement, seems the only things that breast milk doesn't have is fluoride and vitamin D. No one really cares about fluoride in an infant, but I guess studies have shown that vitamin D in the first year can decrease risk of Type II diabetes and MS. So I make her drink this sweet goo once a day, or I try. So last night I give her the vitamins, and proceed to try to screw the cap back on. (key word-try) You should see this stuff. It's the color of vanilla flavoring, and about the consistancy of that green stuff that they used to slime people on Double Dare. (you know what I am talking about...don't deny it) So as I am trying to screw the cap back on, I somehow knock it off the nightstand, all over the boppy, and the floor, and the bed skirt. Oh dear.

It actually cleaned up pretty well, and we washed everything right away, so there was no staining. I thought no more of it. Until...I go to screw the cap back on my eye cream this morning, and POW!! All over the floor. And my jeans. What the hell?? When did I become butterfingers? I somehow threw about $30 worth of crap on the floor in about 12 hours. And then I remember that I am in my 4th trimester, so that MUST be it.

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