Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A List of Sorts

When you are pregnant, and due in August, there are certain things that can make or break your day. Let’s go with the break first. (BTW...I would never recommend having a baby due in August. There really is something to the whole "being pregnant during the summer sucks" thing. Who knew??!?!)

1) Running late and having a crying toddler. This is pretty much every day, but sometimes when you ask them to come with you and they hide in the corner instead of cooperating, it just really ticks you off. (But hopefully she learned her lesson when she threw herself backwards in a fit of rage and whacked her head on the corner of the laundry room door. See?? Do what mom says and these things don’t happen to you.)

2) Having your milk spoil in the office refrigerator a mere 2 days after you put it there. Really??? If the damn fridge wasn’t so full, I would’ve put it in the back. But alas, I can’t see the back of the refrigerator. Those of you who work in an office with 50+ people understand.

3) People who use the office bathroom and pee on the toilet seat or floor. OK, I watched Mythbusters. Trust me. The lock on the door is waaaay dirtier than the toilet seat. Just spread some toilet paper and sit your ass down, because you SUCK AT HOVERING.

4) Not enough sleep at night. Again, this could be almost every day.

5) Making a to-do list and realizing how far you are from getting anything accomplished.

Now, let’s go with the make. Granted, this list is shorter, but sweeter.

1) Remembering to make 2 copies at once instead of having to get up twice to go to the copy machine.

2) Realizing that you no longer have to wear the BeBand. I have several pairs of pants that I bought for when I was pregnant with Sam to wear to work. They are a size larger than my normal pants, and are cottony/stretchy. Up until this morning, I thought I needed that damn BeBand that rolls up in the back to hold them up. Now, my belly fits that bill!

3) Nutty Bars…’nuff said.

4) Fruit snacks…especially the Starkist kind.

5) Chocolate milk.

6) Dairy Queen hot fudge sundaes.

7) Getting a good night’s sleep. Rare…but really helps out your day when it does happen.

8) Checking something off of your to-do list.

9) Cleaning out the office refrigerator and throwing away lots and lots of expired things. And then calling out your boss for having a bottle of water in there with his name on it, when he had no idea that it existed. And threatening him when he doesn’t drink the water. And getting away with threatening your boss just because you are pregnant.

10) Online shopping. A short high, but a high nonetheless.

I could go on and on. But I’ll stop. I am actually kind of shocked that the good list is twice as long as the bad list. Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t complain so much? Four weeks and counting folks….


kat said...

hang in there Gail! It is always worth the wait even when it's during the hottest heat of the summer!

Kevin said...

mmmmm..nutty bars...