Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Key, or Not to Key

Let me present a hypothetical situation for you.

Let’s say that you drive a car. And you have an attached garage. So you drive your car into your attached garage using the garage door opener to open the garage door. And then you walk into your house.

Now, let’s also say that you have a front door that can’t be opened just using a key. It also has to also be unlocked from the inside.

Sooo….if you always go into your house using your garage door opener, and can’t open your front door just using a key, do you automatically carry a key to your house?

I ask this because I got into trouble on Friday. My hypothetical came true. You see, we bought a new freezer. And it was delivered on Friday. Into our garage. Workaholic locked the door between the house and the garage, so shady delivery men couldn’t go a-wandering through our house. Which, in hindsight, I suppose was a good idea. (because it was mine!!) He made sure that he had a key to unlock said door. (after I told him I was pretty sure I did NOT have a key) Since he left after me, the door was indeed unlocked before I left.

Now let me explain Friday evening. I get home after picking up Sam at daycare after work. It is about 85 degrees outside with 200% humidity. It was roughly 180 degrees with 300% humidity inside my garage. And I had to pee. And Sam was hungry. And I had a million things to pack up to go to the lake. And the fucking door was locked.

I called Workaholic, because yes, this happened once before a few years ago. And we had another key made, and it was supposed to be “hidden” in the garage. But sometime over the past few years, that key has made its way onto “someone’s” keychain. He was an hour away, but in reality, more like 3 hours away. So finally, after a half hour of looking in various hiding spots around the outside of the house, I just got back into the car and drove to the lake. (Which actually worked out, because I got there before dark, and was able to eat a decent dinner.)

And Workaholic had to do all the packing himself. And he didn’t get to the lake until 3am. HAHA!!

So I am just curious…if you were me…would you have a key???


Pamela said...

I am more forgetful than anyone I will ever come to know. I would just find a new hiding place and put the key there, but just try to remember where. I hate carrying unnecessary shit around with me.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I never have a key with me, nor would I expect my need for one to change. My front door has a punch code and my garage is an opener, with the interior door unlocked. I often wonder what the chances are of the power going out at the same time as the batteries die, because that will be me, only with no cottage to go to.

But yay! to no packing and early arrival at the lake.