Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ranting & A 4 Year Celebration!

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. In honor of the awesome, kick-ass party we had, and also in honor of the 12 years that Workaholic and I have actually been together, I am posting a rant. Because I can.

Dear LeBron James: Just make up your fucking mind already. Few people actually really care about where you are going to play basketball. And in the big scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. So just announce your decision, preferably immediately via Twitter, because I am soooo sick of having to listen to everyone in Chicago obsess over you. You are not hot shit.

Dear Lindsey Lohan: Grow up.

Dear “a certain someone” at work: If you notice the toner needs to be changed in the printer, don’t tell an 8 month pregnant girl and expect her to do it. Just do it yourself.

Dear Baby/Parasite/Fetus: Please stay inside of me until you are supposed to come out. Your dad and I aren’t prepared for 2 kids yet.

Dear God: Please give me more hours in the day and more energy. I have a lot of shit to do.

Dear Matt Lauer: Please come back from vacation. I like Meredith and Ann, I really do. But we all know The Today Show is #1 because of you. So hurry back. Now.

And now…in honor of Workaholic, I’ll share a few pictures from this day, 4 years ago, when we were younger and much more na├»ve.

The three below pics are from our and Workaholic dancing (OK, him holding me up), my aunt dancing on a table (because that is just what she does) and me singing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Not planned, but friggin' awesome all the same. I shit you not, the dance floor was that packed the whole night. Good times, good times.

Finally, a picture of the me at the bar we took over after the reception was over. We hired a bus and I asked (badgered) our guests to get on it to go with us. That's Piano Man behind me. I tried to post a picture of the crowd, but there were 3 guys in the very front who I have no idea who they were or what they were doing in my picture, so you get this super cute one of me instead. (BTW, I am pretty sure this was taken before Workaholic got there. Yes, I changed out of my wedding dress and hopped on the bus and left him at the hotel. What?? He got there eventually.) A great day, a great night, and a great 4 years since. Thanks Workaholic!!

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paige said...

I love your photos! So sweet. Happy anniversary!