Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Fun...Against Doctor's Orders

We recently got a "new" jetski...which is pretty funny considering we had sworn off all personal watercraft as huge expensive wastes of money. But when this one came in as a trade, my brother-in-law couldn't pass it up and conned us into giving a couple hundred dollars to it. And insuring it under our policy. Sigh.

Anyway, I used to love the jetskis, until they died on me, so I wanted to try this one out before I am banned from the lake for 6 weeks. It is way more unstable than it appears! And yes, when I let it slip this morning to my doctor that I rode a jetski this weekend, he slightly freaked, sighed, and rolled his eyes at me. And then told me NOT TO DO THAT ANYMORE. Funkill.

Workaholic is also determined to permanently traumatize our daughter to anything that is fun. She went on two rides this weekend...the first, I could hear her crying as he drove away from the pier. The second, she actually waved as they were coming back in and cried when he made her get off!! That's my girl!

Of course, she handled tubing like it was nothing a few weeks ago. Not sure why this was so different, unless the fact that it was way more stable and we were going 2 miles an hour and she had buddies with her who thought she was pretty awesome. That might've helped a bit. If you look close, you can see she is the only one in the picture who is really smiling!
We love to have fun at the lake, and I am glad that she is starting to enjoy know, just as summer is ending. Oh well, snowmobiling is in a few short months!!

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