Monday, May 9, 2011

Sam's First True Love

So for the past 6 months or so, we've had a nanny who watches the girls. I call her K.

K is leaving us in a week. I'm really upset by this. I understand, she is moving on with her life, going to grad school and being an adult, but I am really going to miss her. As are Sam and Charlie. But really, I think I am going to miss her the most. She is just like me, but 10 years younger, and smarter.

One of the reasons that K has been awesome in that her boyfriend lives in Scotland. Like, the country. So every night, after I got home, she would go and get on Skype with him. And inevitably, Sam would go and get on Skype with him. Skype is where she first fell in love.

His name is Steven. Sam calls him Stevie. So now, we all call him Stevie. Poor guy.

K and Stevie are going to work on the east coast together for the summer, so he came in from Scotland last week. Sam got to go with K to pick him up at the airport. She held this sign, I bet she looked so damn cute. (notice Sam's scribble additions to the sign) I guess in Scotland they don't say "hey", they say "oi".

The whole way home from the airport, Sam would yell, "STEVIE!!!!" And he would turn and look at her and she'd cock her head and smile and say, "Whadda ya doin'?"

When I got home from work the first day he was here, I walked in and she is sitting on the couch and he is putting her Converse sneakers on. Which are a BITCH to put on. And when he was done she just wanted to sit in his lap.

Today, he was taking a nap while K was showing the new K the ropes, and Sam ran into the room where he was sleeping. When K went in, Sam was laying on top of Stevie. She smiled at K and sweetly said, "I'm stealing your boyfriend."

Sam also now calls him "My Stevie." As in, "We have to go home now and see My Stevie."

I am now dealing with the fact that I am losing K, Sam is losing Stevie, and I need to learn how to use Skype. Because that way, at least we can still see each other.

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