Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation, Puppy, and K

So...yeah. It has been a while since I blogged, and I have SO MUCH I wanted to tell ya'll.

Like how I spent the weekend in Puerto Rico. And got told to Fuck Off.

Like how my new puppy is almost housebroken, but does not know the command Lay Down. Or Off. But does know "with me", as in "walk with me." (I use that instead of "heel", I think it sounds more natural.)

Or how I hope to get my carpets cleaned this weekend. I am sure you guys are SUPER excited about that.

But the biggest thing is that K left us. I mean, she moved out and is going to her sister's wedding, and then to teach at camp for the summer and then going to grad school. And by left us, I mean me.  

While we were in Puerto Rico, she moved all of her stuff out. And even Fonz was sad. And then we got back and went to lunch and I took a nap. And when I got up, it was time for her to go.

I cried. I'm not going to lie. This is a girl who has been here for 6 months and wormed her way into our hearts. When Workaholic was, you know, working, she was here, chatting it up with me. We are both the youngest of a family of girls, raised Catholic, and played sports. (She was much better than me.) She got me, and I think I got her. 

When Sam was throwing temper tantrums and I wanted to toss her out the back door, K lovingly put her on the steps and told her to "think about it", and HOLY SHIT THAT WORKED! When Charlie did her annoying whiny cry, instead of just putting her in bed like I would have, K figured out that she loved to be put in front of the mirror.

K taught us how to Skype.

There are so many more ways that she just made our lives better. This morning, first thing, Sam asked for her. She knows that she isn't coming back, that she is going to school. It makes me super, duper sad that there is a chance we might never see her again. But hopefully, between facebook and Skype and Twitter, we can stay in touch.

Because even though Charlie most certainly won't remember her, and Sam will only have vague memories of her, I will never forget her. Miss you K!!

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