Monday, May 2, 2011

It is a Good Day

This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions.

I spent all weekend watching the royal wedding.  I had long ago given up the hope of ever becoming a princess, and I had long ago given up the desire to ever want to become a princess. Diana's short life and tragic death made it seem like the whole royalty thing just wasn't worth it. And then Kate Middleton came along and now I want to be a princess again.

I also read a lot about the tornado damage in the South. Hundreds of people are dead, devastation reigns. Homes lost, family treasures destroyed. A massive clean-up under way. I feel sad for those people, but yet it is so many miles away, I can't help but feel removed from it. I've never lived through a tornado, and I hope I never will. So I feel sad, yet thankful.

And then last night. Osama bin Laden is dead. The memories of September 11th creep into my mind. I try to keep them at bay...waking up to my mom telling me that a plane crashed into the Twin Towers, turning on the TV and not turning it off. Laying in bed, transfixed. Wondering if people would be able to survive in the rubble until they were saved after the collapse, not even realizing that they wouldn't have been able to survive the collapse.  Hearing the updates of how many planes were left in flight after US airspace was closed. All flights grounded.

And now, the modern day definition of evil is dead. I can't think of 9/11 without tearing up. I had no personal connection to anyone who died, yet it forever affected me, much like it did all Americans. It changed our way of life. It took our innocence, our misguided feelings of safety and security since we were an ocean away from all the violence on the other side of the world.

I am proud to be an American today. I am so happy that I can look at this face, and feel hope for the future today. In the words of Gracie Lou Freebush, "I really do want world peace."

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Rebecca said...

You know that cute face does make me feel better :) That and the fact that justice has been served!