Monday, November 14, 2011

A Family Wedding

Did I ever tell you that my parents are from Southern Indiana? My mom's family is huge, my dad's is not. When someone in my mom's family gets married, it's a damn event.

We made a quick trip down this weekend for my cousin's daughter's wedding. She is 23, so so young, but so so smart and beautiful. I have only met her new husband a time or two, but if she picked him, he must be something special.

In the middle of the ceremony, Sam started to throw a fit. I dragged her butt out of church before trying to figure out what she was saying in that 2 year old whiny voice that is super loud and echo-y in churches. Especially Catholic churches with hardwood floors. Yeah.

As it turns out, all she wanted was to see the bride "in her pretty dress." She couldn't see because, well...she is 2, and we were near the back of the church, and there were people in front of us. So I promised her that we would see her up close and personal, and even take a picture with her. I have connections, you know.

The time came at the reception for a picture to be taken.

Please ignore my crazy eyes.

Notice how Sam was all, "Why are you making me do this?" And how she is holding someone's cell phone? That is because she realized running around like a banshee was waaay better than taking a stupid picture with a girl in a pretty dress. The cell phone was a bribe. (Shut'd do it too.)

The wedding was a great time, kicked off by the bride and groom walking down the aisle at the end to the Purdue fight song. Hail, Hail to Old Purdue, All Hail to our Old Gold and Black. And yes, I sang. And clapped. And so did my mom.

I got back to the hotel about 1am after sending Workaholic home with the girls. The mother of the bride gave me a ride, which is totally normal when I look back on my childhood. My cousins were always taking care of me. Why should last Saturday be any different? Just because I am 33 years old?? (for some reason, that town brings out the drunkard in me)

I had to take this picture of an uncle of the bride with his daughter. I idolized this man when I was a kid, and I'm so happy he has a daughter to snuggle with.

In all seriousness, I had a fantastic time. And I would like to thank the family for putting on such a great shin-dig. (Sunday, however, was another story.) This is my cousin (mother of the bride) and her husband (father of the bride). And the adorable flower girl is only 3 months older than Sam, and her mom is totally fine with bribing too. (she ran down the aisle toward her new Barbie doll) 

Can you say cougar?
 Sam had so much fun, this is her when we got home on Sunday. She stole Charlie's pacifier and didn't even make it upstairs. This was after a 4 hour drive. Sampson is her best friend only when she is asleep.

I'll leave ya'll with a photo of the people who started it all, my mom and her siblings. Thanks for procreating and loving each other so much.

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