Friday, November 4, 2011

Sam's Sayings

Little kids say the damndest things. Here are just a few things that Sam has said to me lately.

"Mom, I'm leaving. You be good. And be careful. And have fun."

"Mom, here is a piece of paper. These are your markers. Only draw on the paper, don't draw on yourself. If you draw on yourself, I'll take away your markers, because drawing on yourself is bad."

"Mom, this is MY work. Don't bother me when I am working, because that is NOT nice. You work on your work, and I'll work on my work."

"That's such a great idea!" (usually referring to something she thought up)

"Awww...that is sooo cute!" (complete with little girl high-piched squeaky voice)

(talking to Sampson)
"Sampson, you are such a good kitty. I'll pet you nice and that way you won't scratch my face or bite me."

She was talking to 2 tax assessors I let in my house the other day (don't get me started on how bright it was of me to let complete strangers into my house) and when they asked her the cat's name, her response was something like this...

"This is Sampson. We had another cat too. But FelixRoger doesn't live here anymore. He didn't like it here. He lives down the street. He didn't like it here so he went and moved down the street."

The next two are a tie for my personal favorites.

"Don't you say no to me!"

"Mom, I just love you so much."

OK, maybe there isn't a tie.

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