Friday, April 18, 2008

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES....oh wait, I slept through the damn thing

So there was an earthquake this morning!! The Fonz did not do his dogly duty and attempt to save us, as he slept through it as well. But the Chicago news must have nothing else to report on, because this was all they talked about. A lot of people up here didn’t even feel it, although the Gary Airport reported it at 4.9. But yet, they still talked about it for the entire hour that I was getting ready for work. Never mind the major expressway that was shut down because a joint popped up in the road due to the, not important. What is important is whether the chick walking her dog in Bucktown felt it. (spoiler alert-she didn't).

When I was a kid, there was an earthquake. It was very exciting, I remember it well. Which is to say not at all. I do know that it was summertime, and I had a softball game. I must have been batting or on base, because I did not feel a thing. But one of the parentals, I believe it was dad, told me that he turned around to yell at the kid who was shaking his chair, but there was no kid. And that was the Great Earthquake of my Youth.

But I know that many of you that are reading live about, what, 30 miles from the epicenter? It’s your stories that I want to hear…not some stupid story about people waking up because their bed was shaking…aaand that was it. Did things fall off the walls? Is there damage? Did your dog try to save your life by waking you up before the actual earthquake happened? And most importantly, is school cancelled today? (how cool would that be? Earthquake Day?) Leave your stories in the comments, or e-mail me, and I will post the good ones later. And any of you who feel free to share who may live a bit further away, I don't want to alienate you, so type away. Don't let the fact that you probably have work to do discourage you.

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