Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Excitement for the Day

Today is the day, I am doing it. I am purchasing a new lawn mower. This will actually be the first lawn mower I have ever purchased on my own, the first one I had came with the house. I am going to Home Depot, which has it on sale, which ends today, and am going to utilize the zero percent credit card. I will not, however, be putting Workaholic’s name on my new credit card. His work credit card has been looking ill for a while now, but he says that adults don’t get sick. I feel sorry for who has to pay that bill! Isn't my new mower going to be beautiful???

So my friend Jennifer is always sending me stories of rescue dogs that need new homes, and she always is looking for whatever I’ve said I want my next dog to look like. So this morning, when I got an e-mail from her, I went, “Uh-oh, let’s see what we have here.” The e-mail was from a woman who is working very hard in Marion, IN to get a new animal shelter. The one they currently have is closing at the end of June, and any animals there at that time will be euthanized. Here is the one that Jennifer has in mind for me…

Isn’t he adorable??? His eyes, his teeth, his feathers!!!

They have soo many dogs and cats that need new homes, and she has taken wonderful pictures of them. Here is the link…

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