Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well Hello There!!

So…hi!! If you are reading this, you are a friend or family of me. I’ve been reading blogs for a while now, and always have something to say or stories to share, so I figured I could start a blog, and then you all could keep up with what I am doing, or what my fam is doing, or just get a little insight into my crazy thought processes. Hopefully it’ll be mildly entertaining, and you’ll keep coming backJ

I promise not to be mean or spread bad stories, but I have to be entertaining at the same time! I’ll probably share lots of stories about work, because I work in an office, and there are stories to shareJ We often joke that they should make a reality show about our office, or at least our lunch hour, and it would be soo much better than The Hills. But probably not better than Rock of Love…we have no bandana-clad ex-rock stars in our midst.

So I guess since this is my first blog, I could share a little about me. Lest this gets to be a super popular blog, I don’t want any weirdos stalking me, because that would totally happen. So I’m not going to get real specific, and I will change all names of the innocent. I work in an office building, for a company that manages hotels. It’s really exciting. OK, not really. But I do have a cubicle!! I live in The Region, in a house of an ugly color that I love, am married and have a dog. The best dog in the world, and no one had better challenge me on that!

My husband is also the best in the world. His only downfall is that he is a workaholic. Now, I grew up with a dad who worked a lot, he often had to travel after 5pm, or on the weekends, and it wasn’t unusual for my mom to say, “Your father has to fly.” And that meant that we couldn’t go to the lake or do whatever it was that she (I mean us) wanted to do. And whatever, so we did something else. So when I started dating Workaholic, and he warned me about his dad, (Workaholic Senior), I didn’t think much of it. However, in the past year or so, it has gotten kind of ridiculous, like, 90-100 work week ridiculous. But he just. can’t. stop. He keeps saying, “It’ll slow down soon” and I find myself wondering what I’ll do when it does, because really? I like being able to watch whatever I want, whenever I want, and make plans to do whatever I want. Like this morning, for example. I got to work to an e-mail from my friend who lives a few hours away from me. She wants to get away, go to Florida, and immediately we both start looking up plane tickets, decide on a weekend, and I pick up the phone to call my in-laws to be sure that their condo is available. (yes, I am very lucky, but that is a subject for another day). It was as I was dialing that it occurred to me that I should tell my husband before I tell his mother. Workaholic immediately confirmed that he would probably work that weekend. Yay for me!

So I can guarantee that I will not be updating the blog some weekend in May, but hopefully will update it before then. Enjoy!


Lumbergh said...

Better to work at "The Office" than in the Bizarro Office. Some of us have decent internet security which blocks social networking sites that we cant access during work hours!

I do agree that jetting off to Florida is a splendid idea though :)

Indian Lake said...

Hello to you Yes your husband is very crazy to be missing the lake at this time. It's time to lake it work on the week days and off to the lake on Friday night .Have to go to the in walking distance watering hole!!!!!! And you need to sing your song. So in short form it is time for the LAKE so let your husband and yourself know WE MISS YOU AT THE LAKE!!!!!!!!