Monday, May 26, 2008

Idiot of the Year

Today, I am a hero. Well, sort of. Workaholic and my FIL were putzing around with the lifts in the lake. They wanted to switch the side that the crank was on, so we don’t have to go in the water to fill up the gas tanks when the boats are on the lifts. My job? If my husband or his father started to electrocute themselves with the drill they were using while perched precariously above the water, then I pull the plug on the drill. There was actually a moment when FIL was standing about 2 inches over the water on a piece of wood, while drilling whatever it was that he felt it necessary to drill a hole in. I also pulled the plug when they were dangling the drill over the water while passing it back and forth, just in case they dropped it while my husband was holding the cord. Thankfully, my hero instincts never had to be put to the test. Can you imagine?? FIL slips into the water, and I start shrieking and screaming, all the while holding the cord in my hand, but not pulling it. Sorry for letting you electrocute yourself for 10 seconds while I had a freak-out.
I am thinking of submitting all of us for Idiots of the Year 2008.

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LakeJunkies said...

Hello strawberry how's our blueberry? Great to see you BOTH at the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!