Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Amazing!!

If my mother-in-law is reading this, tell my father-in-law that the unthinkable has happened. Workaholic has cleaned up the warehouse. You see, my in-laws have their own construction business. For years and years and years, they had a small U-Lock. They were one of the first to rent it when it was built, it was outside the gate so they had access at all hours of the night, and it was perfectly suited to them. Enter into the picture Workaholic. I think that they knew his habits, because shortly after he joined the business, they rented a warehouse roughly 6 times the size of the good old U-Lock. Within a year, it was full. Of stuff. He has built shelves, rearranged the shelves, and built more shelves. He has swept the floor only to dump a vanload of tools onto it, loaded the shelves only to empty them, and spent many a weekend in there. I think there is enough material in the warehouse for us to build our next house. He has actually been there so late one time that a cop stopped by just to make sure that he was supposed to be there and not robbing the place. (turns out it was the same cop who pulled over his uncle for DUI...also turns out the cop had to pull him over, because his uncle almost ran the cop off the road!!) Anyway, I digress. While I was picking up The Fonz's pain meds, shopping at Tarzhay, and robbing the grocery store of all SnackPaks and good SmartOnes, Workaholic was cleaning the warehouse. Granted, this is the third day in a row that he has spent there, but this day was special. Because he finished. It is organized. You can park a car in it, and walk from the front to the back with leaping over tall mounds of...stuff. I have no idea what is all in there, tools, wood, and nails. But it is all pretty, everything on their own shelves. The best part of all of this, he also cleaned out our garage. Which means that a car can now be parked in each bay, I can reach the aforementioned bicycle without tripping over a box of...something, and I forgot that we also own a game of bags...Purdue themed, of course. Only about 30 more things on the list before we can list the house on the market!!!

I also have to complain about just one thing. I picked up The Fonz's meds today. Let me mention that I am a bit of freak about The Fonz and his health, so this is about the millionth time I've visited the vet this year. First there was getting his bloodwork done for his surgery, then there was the actual surgery, then there was taking out of the stitches, then I had to go back because one of his incisions popped open, then I had to go back again to get those stiches out, then we had to go back again because he broke his nail and we had to rip it out. All since January. So as I am writing out the insanely high check for his meds, the tech mentions that he is overdue for his rabies vaccine. Now this is just not possible. I don't let my dog's vaccines expire. He gets them in September, because when he turned a year, I went and got his yearly vaccines, and found out later that I was four months early. But it is easy to remember, go every year aroud our birthdays. (the past few years, we go on my birthday) So this is just wrong. And, at the time, I didn't know that they were actually wrong, they were just looking at a bad copy of his records from the previous vet. I thought that they were right, and we had to split up his vaccines that year, and I was pissed. When I went last September, did they mention that he would be due, and think that we should just do them all then? No. When he went in any of the six times since January, including the time that he went in for surgery, did they mention it? No. Now, I am thinking that we can't get in until the second week in June, he may not be able to get groomed in May, and I'll have to pay for an office visit that I've already paid for several times!! WTF???? But, I get home, look at my copy of the records, and the number that the tech thought was a one was actually a nine. As in, the month of September, not January. So it was an honest mistake, just one that was caught 4 months too late. So now I need to go in and make sure that they've got the right date in, so when the groomers call for his vaccine info, they aren't given it wrong, and they try to cancel on me, and uhhh. The good part is, at least he isn't rabid.

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