Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

I know, I know…it’s been more than a week since I blogged. My mother was commenting to me last night how most of my blogs are kind of depressing. Which would be why I haven’t blogged lately, I’ve been super crabby and whiny and didn’t feel like sharing all that not-feel-goodness with the world. But today is a new day!!

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary. Lots of times, (OK, the two times I’ve experienced so far) when my anniversary is coming up, all I can think about is the stress in the weeks before the wedding. Our company went through a record-breaking sale the month before, and the week before my wedding was incredibly difficult at work. (which is to say it was hell) Adding to the fact that I was fighting with the chick at the hotel where the reception was to be held. (because she was an idiot) I actually timed-out her boss’s voicemail. (I"m sorry, when I say that I live out of town and can we do this over the phone, is there a reason you didn't write down anything I said????)

But then I think about the wedding itself…which was nerve-wracking in the beginning. Did you know that when you have 300 wedding guests, they all watch you walk down the aisle??!! I mean, I thought dad and I were going to trip or faint. Neither of us do well in front of a crowd. (even though he is a professor) Then you have to go take pictures, wearing a 100 lbs of fabric and it’s 85 degrees out and all you can think of is that these pictures cost a fortune and are going to last for-ever, and you hope that you look happy even though all you can think about is how thirsty you are and OH MY GOD we have to do our choreographed first dance. (yes, our song was Strangers in the Night)

But then…you get to the booze. And you get to relax and visit with people and my dear, dear crazy cousin made fun of the salad with me. And people just keep handing you booze and you never have to stand in line at the bar. And you dance and dance and dance. And so does everyone else. And then your aunt dances on the table. And your parents and your new in-laws tell you they love you. And you party ‘til 4am. And people do whatever you tell them to because it’s your day. And everyone you like in the world is there, partying with you. It was awesome. Totally worth all the stress, and money, and did I mention stress??

My wonderful husband gave me flowers yesterday, which normally, if I get a dozen roses, I am annoyed. But he gave me these!

If you can’t tell, they are roses and some daisies, and other wildflowery looking flowers all mixed together. Just beautiful. And it hadn’t even fully bloomed yet, so they’ll last a while. The timing of the delivery couldn’t have been better, I totally thought I was going to cry…so did my cube-neighbor, in fact, I think she was hoping for it. But I was able to contain myself and showed them off to everyone. All in all, a pretty darn good day.

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