Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big News!!

So I have big news that most of you probably know…I’m pregnant!! Yay…Eeks!! Cute little baby…Screaming little baby!! Free stuff at a baby shower…No alcohol for at least nine months, including at the baby shower!! No work for 3 months after baby is born…no sleep for at least 3 months after baby is born!!

OK…deep breaths…huge life change. The COO of our company was almost in tears when he was telling me how wonderful life is once you have kids…I just have to get through this pregnancy and delivery thing. Which is very very very far away. I have a whole summer and Purdue football season and the holidays to get through first.

I am due January 6th, we are hoping I’ll go early so we can get the extra tax deduction. (yes, I am an accountant) Will that really happen? Umm…not unless I can con my doctor into inducing me early. We may or may not find out what sex we are going to have…although if we do find out, I may not tell anyone. It’s got to be much more exciting for everyone when they hear that I have the baby, and then also get to hear what it is! Or maybe we’ll just keep the name a secret, there has to be something. We’re tossing names around, much like I am sure we’ll toss the kid around. My in-laws have said that they are going to have dog tags with the kid’s name and address on it, based on the way that I watch their dog, I mean…let their dog wander through the neighborhood until my neighbors call my in-laws and say that they have their dog. Oops.

So far I have not had morning, noon, or night sickness, although I did get sick and icky feeling last night, 12 hours of sleep helped that. I have been extremely tired. All. The. Time. On Saturday, I took a 2 hour nap, in the middle of the afternoon, on a bright and sunny day. But I just couldn’t, you know, stand up anymore. So I napped.

But it is all very exciting…we are pumped. So be prepared for some good whining blogs on the wonderful joys of pregnancy!! (I apologize in advance)


Lakejunkies said...

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lumbergh said...

An accountant due Jan 6th....now that is some timing. One might even think its a conspiracy if one were so inclined to believe in such things!