Friday, September 12, 2008

I never claimed to be low maintenance

A friend of ours lives in Houston and sent out an e-mail to let everyone know that they will be bearing down during Ike…and not evacuating. They are right on the line, so I guess they have that option. After reading a few articles on Ike, I’ve decided on what I would need in order to ride out a hurricane…

· A whole house generator
· Enough gas for said generator to last a couple of weeks
· Booze
· Food…lots of it
· Booze
· Toilet paper
· Booze
· DVDs…seeing as how cable will probably be knocked out
· Booze
· Books
· More food
· Booze…or anything else to help me take my mind off of the 100 mph winds ripping my back porch apart.

Any other ideas??

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