Monday, September 8, 2008

Missing The Fonz

A weird side effect of going south for the weekend is the The Fonz does not come with us. They have a bit of a different view on dogs down there…pretty sure they won’t let him in the house, much less sleep in bed! And I am quite sure that they would frown on the tartar control biscuits, 2 meds, plus fish oil capsules that he gets every day. (whaaat?? I like my boy healthy)

The weird part of it all isn’t necessarily that he isn’t there, but it’s before we leave and after we get home when he still isn’t there. Grandma picked him up while I was at work on Friday, and walking around packing, I felt like I should try to hide the bags so he wouldn’t know that we were leaving. (yes…he recognizes that packing means CAR RIDE!!!! Never mind if he isn’t going…he’s in the car anyway) I also kept turning around whenever I was leaving a room for just a second to tell him to stay, I would be right back, but he was not there! (no reason for him to follow me when I'll be right.back.) Creeeepy. And there were no random outbursts of growling and barking whenever someone dared to walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. So sad. It was a good thing that Workaholic was home, otherwise I would have been sceered. Big quiet house does not mesh well with my tendency to hear things, you know, like when I swear I hear things falling in the basement, but the only thing in the basement is….nothing!! (yes, there was an investigation that followed, led the way by a golf club)

It’s also kind of sad when my dog comes home and takes his sweet ass time getting into the house to see me. I mean, really? It’s been more than 2 days since we’ve seen each other, couldn’t you at least pretend to be excited?? Guess not…he went straight to his food bowl and looked at me expectantly. (feed me bitch!) It’s like he knows that I feel bad for ditching him (even though he spent the weekend swimming and boating…but I wasn’t there, so he knows how to play the guilt card), so he expects mucho attention, in the form of treats. And yeah…I caved. Even though his head smells like poo.

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Lakejunkies said...

This weekend he found a really DEAD FISH when I was around him your lucky. Well I don't know dead fish or dog poop ????????????? That is a good question.