Monday, July 13, 2009

I Need to Get Away

Over the past month or so, I’ve been just exhausted. I am not really sure of the reason for this, probably the same things that doctors tell you…not enough sleep, eating unhealthy, etc. I really think little of it has to do with Samantha, as she is usually still asleep in the morning when I leave for work, and in the evening, we hang out before Workaholic showers with her and we put her to bed. Her bedtime routine isn’t excruciating or tiring, it’s really quite simple. Bath, food, swaddle, bed. And she usually goes right down. It has just been more and more difficult for me to get out of bed, and even worse, through the day.

Our weekends have been full of fun and family, and this past weekend was one of the first of the summer where we had no planned events, and could just sit down and relax. (So what did we do?? Instead of lazing around, we went out to dinner on Saturday and on Sunday went to the St. Joe art fair) After the fair, we finally went out for a boat ride with Uncle Tony. We took his dog and the Fonz…other than that, it was just me and Workaholic and Samantha.

Being out on the lake when there were few other boats, as most of everyone had already gone back to the “real world”, was just awesome. It is the life. Captain Tony cruises at the perfect putt-putting speed, we enjoyed a couple of Bud Lights, and the sun shone brightly overhead. The dogs settled down and even Samantha was just chillin’ in the back corner, happily chewing on her sunglasses. The only thing you can hear is the hum of the motor, and possibly whatever CD is in the player. The wind always dies down around 5 o’clock Sunday evening, and the gentle breeze was just enough to blow your hair around a little bit. The night ended too quickly, as we too needed to head back to the real world. But when you hear me talk about wanting to go to the lake, that’s what I’m talking about. Sometimes a boat ride is all I need.

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