Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepy Violence

I’ve mentioned before how tired I’ve been. Thinking about crawling back into my bed now actually makes me tear up, because I would just love to, but can’t. You know, because momma gots to make the money. (side note: when I was a kid, I was terrible about going to be at a decent hour, no matter how hard my mom made me try. I would go in my room and just lay in bed. So every once in a while, I’d convince my mom that I had a “stomach ache” just so I could stay home from school and sleep. Which obviously did not help me go to sleep any easier the next night.)

Lately, Workaholic has really gotten into the show NCIS. Which means that I am into the show NCIS. We used to watch CSI, (Las Vegas, Miami, and New York) but I think either he got tired of it or he has seen them all. Either way, we watch it, a lot. (he has 68 of them recorded on his DVR) Anytime we are home, it is on, and THANK GOD the cable channel USA has marathons of NCIS on all. the. time. Just in case we aren’t in the bedroom, where his DVR is. And since they are marathons, it’s not like we turn on the TV in the living room at 6pm while I am making dinner and watch it during dinner and that is the end of it. OH NO…we watch during dinner, and then go up in the office and watch some more, and then maybe he takes a shower and turns it on in the bathroom, and while I am folding clothes in our bedroom, I try to ignore the fact that I can hear the same episode that I am watching in the bedroom from his TV in the bathroom except it is delayed by about 2 seconds because of his DVR and also because, as I have mentioned before, THE TV HAS TO BE ON THIS LOUD.

This would all be OK, because there really isn’t anything on TV nowadays that I am that interested in watching, and I really do like Gibbs, McGee, Tony, Ziva, and especially Abs. I really am fine with watching stories about dead people during my waking hours at home…until it is time to go to bed. Because I am a firm believer that when it is time to go to bed, you turn off the TV. But Workaholic likes to fall asleep with the TV on. I got around this for a few years by decreeing “no TV in the bedroom.” But then we moved upstairs and we have a big ol' projection TV up there that is way too hard to move. So then he would just turn it on for a few minutes and I would reach over his corpse-like body when the sleep breathing started.

But now, NOW, I am into the show. So when we get into bed, and he turns on an episode and is asleep 15 minutes into it, I just cannot turn it off. I have to stay up and watch the end. Did Gibbs really kill that police detective? Did Jenny really die? Will Abby get her Caf-Pow?? So this means that I am not going to sleep until after 11pm on most days. And while I have been attempting to sleep in a bit later, it just hasn’t been working out.

It is not for lack of trying to sleep in. This too would be Workaholic’s fault. (notice how I tend to blame him for everything??) This morning, for example, he got up and went into the bathroom a little after 6am. I heard the fan turn on, which is white noise, totally can handle that. Then I hear the TV turn on. Oh no. Please God no. And there, there goes the volume…up, up, up like Mary Poppins flying a kite. And whoo-boy, when the commercials come on?? I give up. I know it is only 45 minutes, but that is the best 45 minutes of sleep I get all night!! I almost went and slept in the guest room, but my mom was in there, I am not sure she would have appreciated an early morning cuddle.

I seriously considered pulling a stunt like I did in the 7th grade, and just call my boss and say that I was sick. But I am an adult now, and even if I was sick, I probably would still have to take care of Samantha, and wouldn’t get much sleep anyway. So I decided to just whine about it here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if they involve violence, because if this crap continues, I do think that the boy is going to get a swift kick to the head. (lovingly, of course) However, I do think a couple of people who read here are fairly new to the site due to the wonderment of facebook, so until I figure out just how hard I can hit him without leaving a mark I’ll do the next best thing…post a not-so-flattering picture of Workaholic and Samantha taken when she was just a few weeks old. Yes, this was taken in our bathroom. And yes, the TV and the fan were on. THIS LOUD.

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